Gabrijela Popoviæ
Gabrijela Popoviæ
Full Professor, Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance, Belgrade
Adresă de e-mail confirmată pe mef.edu.rs
Citat de
Citat de
An approach to personnel selection in the IT industry based on the EDAS method
D Karabasevic, EK Zavadskas, D Stanujkic, G Popovic, M Brzakovic
Transformations in Business and Economics 17 (2/44), 54-65, 2018
Investment project selection by applying COPRAS method and imprecise data
G Popovic, D Stanujkic, S Stojanovic
Serbian Journal of Management 7 (2), 257-269, 2012
Development of a novel integrated CCSD-ITARA-MARCOS decision-making approach for stackers selection in a logistics system
A Ulutaș, D Karabasevic, G Popovic, D Stanujkic, PT Nguyen, Ç Karaköy
Mathematics 8 (10), 1672, 2020
Assessment of Progress towards Achieving Sustainable Development Goals of the „Agenda 2030“ by Using the CoCoSo and the Shannon Entropy Methods: The Case of the EU Countries
D Stanujkic, G Popovic, EK Zavadskas, D Karabasevic, A Binkyte-Veliene
Sustainability 12 (14), 5717, 2020
A multiple-criteria decision-making model for the selection of a hotel location
G Popovic, D Stanujkic, M Brzakovic, D Karabasevic
Land use policy 84, 49-58, 2019
A novel integrated piprecia–interval-valued triangular fuzzy aras model: E-learning course selection
K Jaukovic Jocic, G Jocic, D Karabasevic, G Popovic, D Stanujkic, ...
Symmetry 12 (6), 928, 2020
Improved OCRA method based on the use of interval grey numbers
D Stanujkic, EK Zavadskas, S Liu, D Karabasevic, G Popovic
Journal of Grey System 29 (4), 49-60, 2017
Multiple-Criteria Approach of the Operational Performance Evaluation in the Airline Industry: Evidence from the Emerging Markets.
M Bakir, Ș Akan, K Kiraci, D Karabasevic, D Stanujkic, G Popovic
Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting 23 (2), 149-172, 2020
A new hybrid MCDM model for personnel selection based on a novel grey PIPRECIA and grey OCRA methods
A Ulutaș, G Popovic, D Stanujkic, D Karabasevic, EK Zavadskas, ...
Mathematics 8 (10), 1698, 2020
An efficient and simple multiple criteria model for a grinding circuit selection based on MOORA method
D Stanujkic, N Magdalinovic, D Milanovic, S Magdalinovic, G Popovic
Informatica 25 (1), 73-93, 2014
A Novel Extension of the TOPSIS Method Adapted for the Use of Single-Valued Neutrosophic Sets and Hamming Distance for E-Commerce Development Strategies Selection
D Karabačeviæ, D Stanujkiæ, EK Zavadskas, P Stanimiroviæ, G Popoviæ, ...
Symmetry 12, 1263, 2020
An approach to criteria weights determination by integrating the Delphi and the adapted SWARA methods
D Karabasevic, D Stanujkic, S Urosevic, G Popovic, M Maksimovic
Management: Journal of Sustainable Business and Management Solutions in …, 2017
An approach for hotel type selection based on the single-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers
D Karabasevic, G Popovic, D Stanujkic, M Maksimovic, C Sava
Int. Rev 1, 7, 2019
Developing of a novel integrated MCDM MULTIMOOSRAL approach for supplier selection
A Ulutaș, D Stanujkic, D Karabasevic, G Popovic, EK Zavadskas, ...
Informatica 32 (1), 145-161, 2021
A new hybrid fuzzy PSI-PIPRECIA-CoCoSo MCDM based approach to solving the transportation company selection problem
A Ulutaș, G Popovic, P Radanov, D Stanujkic, D Karabasevic
Technological and Economic Development of Economy 27 (5), 1227-1249, 2021
An integrated simple weighted sum product method—WISP
D Stanujkic, G Popovic, D Karabasevic, I Meidute-Kavaliauskiene, ...
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2021
A framework for the evaluation of hotel property development projects
G Popovic, D Stanujkic, D Karabasevic
International Journal of Strategic Property Management 23 (2), 96-107, 2019
Pallet truck selection with MEREC and WISP-S methods
A Ulutaș, D Stanujkic, D Karabasevic, G Popovic, S Novakoviæ
Strategic Management-International Journal of Strategic Management and …, 2022
Multiple criteria approach in the mining method selection
G Popovic, B Djordjevic, D Milanovic
Industrija 47 (4), 2019
A single-valued neutrosophic extension of the EDAS method
D Stanujkiæ, D Karabačeviæ, G Popoviæ, D Pamuèar, ź Steviæ, ...
Axioms 10 (4), 245, 2021
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