Stephen A. Graves
Stephen A. Graves
Medical Physicist / Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
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Hexamodal imaging with porphyrin-phospholipid-coated upconversion nanoparticles
J Rieffel, F Chen, J Kim, G Chen, W Shao, S Shao, U Chitgupi, ...
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Separation of cyclotron-produced 44Sc from a natural calcium target using a dipentyl pentylphosphonate functionalized extraction resin
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Commissioning of a 1.5 T Elekta Unity MR‐linac: a single institution experience
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Accelerated blood clearance phenomenon reduces the passive targeting of PEGylated nanoparticles in peripheral arterial disease
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Normal-tissue tolerance to radiopharmaceutical therapies, the knowns and the unknowns
RL Wahl, G Sgouros, A Iravani, H Jacene, D Pryma, B Saboury, J Capala, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 62 (Supplement 3), 23S-35S, 2021
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