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Wave-breaking turbulence in the ocean surface layer
J Thomson, MS Schwendeman, SF Zippel, S Moghimi, J Gemmrich, ...
Journal of Physical Oceanography 46 (6), 1857-1870, 2016
A direct comparison of a depth-dependent radiation stress formulation and a vortex force formulation within a three-dimensional coastal ocean model
S Moghimi, K Klingbeil, U Gräwe, H Burchard
Ocean Modelling 70, 132-144, 2013
Simulating storm surge and compound flooding events with a creek-to-ocean model: Importance of baroclinic effects
F Ye, YJ Zhang, H Yu, W Sun, S Moghimi, E Myers, K Nunez, R Zhang, ...
Ocean Modelling 145, 101526, 2020
On the dynamics of the M outh of the C olumbia R iver: R esults from a three‐dimensional fully coupled wave‐current interaction model
Ç Akan, S Moghimi, HT Özkan‐Haller, J Osborne, A Kurapov
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 122 (7), 5218-5236, 2017
Simulating compound flooding events in a hurricane
YJ Zhang, F Ye, H Yu, W Sun, S Moghimi, E Myers, K Nunez, R Zhang, ...
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A new 1D/2D coupled modeling approach for a riverine‐estuarine system under storm events: Application to Delaware River Basin
R Bakhtyar, K Maitaria, P Velissariou, B Trimble, H Mashriqui, S Moghimi, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 125 (9), e2019JC015822, 2020
Application of third generation shallow water wave models in a tidal environment
S Moghimi, G Gayer, H Günther, M Shafieefar
Ocean Dynamics 55, 10-27, 2005
Compounding factors for extreme flooding around Galveston Bay during Hurricane Harvey
W Huang, F Ye, YJ Zhang, K Park, J Du, S Moghimi, E Myers, S Pe’eri, ...
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Development of an ESMF based flexible coupling application of ADCIRC and WAVEWATCH III for high fidelity coastal inundation studies
S Moghimi, A Van der Westhuysen, A Abdolali, E Myers, S Vinogradov, ...
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (5), 308, 2020
A cross-scale study for compound flooding processes during Hurricane Florence
F Ye, W Huang, YJ Zhang, S Moghimi, E Myers, S Pe'eri, HC Yu
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 21 (6), 1703-1719, 2021
Frontal dynamics at the edge of the Columbia River plume
Ç Akan, JC McWilliams, S Moghimi, HT Özkan-Haller
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On the modeling of wave-enhanced turbulence nearshore
S Moghimi, J Thomson, T Özkan-Haller, L Umlauf, S Zippel
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Study of the Gonu tropical cyclone in the Arabian Sea
L Mashhadi, NH Zaker, M Soltanpour, S Moghimi
Journal of coastal research 31 (3), 616-623, 2015
Evaluating the accuracy and uncertainty of atmospheric and wave model hindcasts during severe events using model ensembles
A Abdolali, A van der Westhuysen, Z Ma, A Mehra, A Roland, S Moghimi
Ocean Dynamics 71, 217-235, 2021
Data assimilation for bathymetry estimation at a tidal inlet
S Moghimi, HT Özkan-Haller, GW Wilson, A Kurapov
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 33 (10), 2145-2163, 2016
An analysis of error in surface current mapping by an along-track interferometric FMCW SAR
H Deng, G Farquharson, J Thomson, S Moghimi, T Ozkan-Haller
2016 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS …, 2016
Dissipation and Bathymetric sensitivities in an unstructured mesh global tidal model
CP Blakely, G Ling, WJ Pringle, MT Contreras, D Wirasaet, JJ Westerink, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 127 (5), e2021JC018178, 2022
Investigating the impact of high-resolution land–sea masks on hurricane forecasts in HWRF
Z Ma, B Liu, A Mehra, A Abdolali, A van der Westhuysen, S Moghimi, ...
Atmosphere 11 (9), 888, 2020
Development of a Flexible Coupling Interface for ADCIRC Model for Coastal Inundation Studies
S Moghimi, S Vinogradov, EP Myers, Y Funakoshi, ...
Modelling the mass exchange dynamics of oceanic surface and subsurface oil
J Ramírez, S Moghimi, JM Restrepo, S Venkataramani
Ocean Modelling 129, 1-12, 2018
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