Nuria Pelechano
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Controlling individual agents in high-density crowd simulation
N Pelechano, JM Allbeck, NI Badler
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Evacuation simulation models: Challenges in modeling high rise building evacuation with cellular automata approaches
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N Pelechano, K O'Brien, B Silverman, N Badler
(No Title), 2005
How the ocean personality model affects the perception of crowds
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Creating crowd variation with the ocean personality model
N Pelechano, J Allbeck, NI Badler
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Being a part of the crowd: towards validating vr crowds using presence
N Pelechano, C Stocker, J Allbeck, N Badler
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The rocketbox library and the utility of freely available rigged avatars
M Gonzalez-Franco, E Ofek, Y Pan, A Antley, A Steed, B Spanlang, ...
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R Oliva, N Pelechano
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Multi-domain real-time planning in dynamic environments
M Kapadia, A Beacco, F Garcia, V Reddy, N Pelechano, NI Badler
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W Van Toll, R Triesscheijn, M Kallmann, R Oliva, N Pelechano, J Pettré, ...
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Comparison of crowd simulation for building evacuation and an alternative approach
N Pelechano Gómez, A Malkawi
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Automatic generation of suboptimal navmeshes
R Oliva, N Pelechano
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A survey of real‐time crowd rendering
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Hierarchical path-finding for Navigation Meshes (HNA⁎)
N Pelechano, C Fuentes
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Crowd simulation incorporating agent psychological models, roles and communication
N Pelechano Gómez, K O'Brien, BG Silverman, N Badler
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Crowd Modeling
N Badler, N Pelechano, JM Allbeck
Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2008
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