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Visual ageism in the media
E Loos, L Ivan
Contemporary perspectives on ageism, 163-176, 2018
Comunicarea nonverbală: gesturile și postura
S Chelcea, L Ivan, A Chelcea
Cuvintele nu sunt de ajuns, 2005
Grannies on the net: Grandmothers’ experiences of Facebook in family communication
L Ivan, S Hebblethwaite
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Public awareness and perceptions of carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS): Insights from surveys administered to representative samples in six European countries
K Pietzner, D Schumann, SD Tvedt, HY Torvatn, R Næss, DM Reiner, ...
Energy Procedia 4, 6300-6306, 2011
“Save the Pacific Northwest tree octopus”: a hoax revisited. Or: How vulnerable are school children to fake news?
E Loos, L Ivan, D Leu
Information and Learning Science 119 (9/10), 514-528, 2018
Older people and the use of ICTs to communicate with children and grandchildren
L Ivan, M Ardevol Fernadez
Transnational Social Review, 1-15, 2017
Older people and mobile communication in two European contexts.
M Fernández-Ardèvol, L Ivan
Romanian Journal of Communication & Public Relations 15 (3), 2013
A comparison of techniques used to collect informed public opinions about CCS: Opinion quality after focus group discussions versus information-choice questionnaires
E ter Mors, BW Terwel, DDL Daamen, DM Reiner, D Schumann, S Anghel, ...
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Ageism and Technology: The Role of Internalized Stereotypes
L Ivan, SJ Cutler
University of Toronto Quarterly 90 (2), 127-139, 2021
COVID-19: technology, social connections, loneliness, and leisure activities: an international study protocol
HR Marston, L Ivan, M Fernández-Ardèvol, A Rosales Climent, ...
Frontiers in sociology 5, 574811, 2020
Smart and age-friendly cities in Romania: An overview of public policy and practice
L Ivan, D Beu, J Van Hoof
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (14), 5202, 2020
Why age is not that important? An ageing perspective on computer anxiety
M Fernández-Ardèvol, L Ivan
Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Design for Aging: First …, 2015
Cele mai importante 20 de secunde: competența în comunicarea nonverbală
L Ivan
Tritonic, 2009
Knowledge sharing in NGOs: the importance of the human dimension
A Zbuchea, L Ivan, S Petropoulos, F Pinzaru
Kybernetes 49 (1), 182-199, 2019
Ageing well? A cross-country analysis of the way older people are visually represented on websites of organizations for older people
L Eugène, I Loredana, FA Mireia, M Sourbati, E Maria, W Monika, S Carlo, ...
Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology 8 (2, Winter …, 2017
Mitigating visual ageism in digital media: designing for dynamic diversity to enhance communication rights for senior citizens
L Ivan, E Loos, G Tudorie
Societies 10 (4), 76, 2020
The dual roles technology plays in leisure: insights from a study of grandmothers
G Nimrod, L Ivan
Leisure Sciences 44 (6), 715-732, 2019
Not only people are getting old, the new media are too: Technology generations and the changes in new media use
E Loos, L Ivan
New Media & Society, https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177, 2022
Using netnography to research older adults’ online communities
L Ivan
Ageing and digital technology: Designing and evaluating emerging …, 2019
Experiencing computer anxiety later in life: The role of stereotype threat
L Ivan, I Schiau
Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Design for Aging: Second …, 2016
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