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Honglin Jin
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Porphysome nanovesicles generated by porphyrin bilayers for use as multimodal biophotonic contrast agents
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Co-delivery of bee venom melittin and a photosensitizer with an organic–inorganic hybrid nanocarrier for photodynamic therapy and immunotherapy
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USP7 targeting modulates anti-tumor immune response by reprogramming Tumor-associated Macrophages in Lung Cancer
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Targeting dendritic cells in lymph node with an antigen peptide-based nanovaccine for cancer immunotherapy
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Hybrid Melittin Cytolytic Peptide-Driven Ultrasmall Lipid Nanoparticles Block Melanoma Growth in Vivo
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Scavenger receptor B1 is a potential biomarker of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma and its growth is inhibited by HDL-mimetic nanoparticles
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Magnetic enrichment of dendritic cell vaccine in lymph node with fluorescent-magnetic nanoparticles enhanced cancer immunotherapy
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Melittin-containing hybrid peptide hydrogels for enhanced photothermal therapy of glioblastoma
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Targeting CAMKII to reprogram tumor-associated macrophages and inhibit tumor cells for cancer immunotherapy with an injectable hybrid peptide hydrogel
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Small extracellular vesicles: a novel avenue for cancer management
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Design and synthesis of a lead sulfide based nanotheranostic agent for computer tomography/magnetic resonance dual-mode-bioimaging-guided photothermal therapy
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Efficient systemic delivery of siRNA by using high-density lipoprotein-mimicking peptide lipid nanoparticles
Q Lin, J Chen, H Jin, KK Ng, M Yang, W Cao, L Ding, Z Zhang, G Zheng
Nanomedicine 7 (12), 1813-1825, 2012
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