Lars Martin Sandvik Aas
Lars Martin Sandvik Aas
Submerged AS
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Citat de
The use of underwater hyperspectral imaging deployed on remotely operated vehicles-methods and applications
G Johnsen, M Ludvigsen, A Sørensen, LMS Aas
IFAC-PapersOnLine 49 (23), 476-481, 2016
Mueller matrix measurements of algae with different shape and size distributions
Ø Svensen, JJ Stamnes, M Kildemo, LMS Aas, SR Erga, Ø Frette
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Fast and optimal broad-band Stokes/Mueller polarimeter design by the use of a genetic algorithm
PA Letnes, IS Nerbø, LMS Aas, PG Ellingsen, M Kildemo
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Quantitative characterization of articular cartilage using Mueller matrix imaging and multiphoton microscopy
PG Ellingsen, MB Lilledahl, LMS Aas, CL Davies, M Kildemo
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Molecular beam and pulsed laser deposition of ZnS: Cr for intermediate band solar cells
M Nematollahi, X Yang, LMS Aas, Z Ghadyani, M Kildemo, UJ Gibson, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 141, 322-330, 2015
Mueller matrix three-dimensional directional imaging of collagen fibers
PG Ellingsen, LMS Aas, VS Hagen, R Kumar, MB Lilledahl, M Kildemo
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Autonomous underwater vehicles as a platform for underwater hyperspectral imaging
Ø Sture, M Ludvigsen, LMS Aas
Oceans 2017-Aberdeen, 1-8, 2017
Underwater hyperspectral imaging for environmental mapping and monitoring of seabed habitats
J Tegdan, S Ekehaug, IM Hansen, LMS Aas, KJ Steen, R Pettersen, ...
OCEANS 2015-Genova, 1-6, 2015
Near infra-red Mueller matrix imaging system and application to retardance imaging of strain
LMS Aas, PG Ellingsen, M Kildemo
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Overdetermined broadband spectroscopic Mueller matrix polarimeter designed by genetic algorithms
LMS Aas, PG Ellingsen, BE Fladmark, PA Letnes, M Kildemo
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Dynamic Response of a fast near infra-red Mueller matrix ellipsometer
LMS Aas, PG Ellingsen, M Kildemo, M Lindgren
Journal of Modern Optics 57 (17), 1603-1610, 2010
Optical properties of biaxial nanopatterned gold plasmonic nanowired grid polarizer
LMS Aas, M Kildemo, C Martella, MC Giordano, D Chiappe, ...
Optics Express 21 (25), 30918-30931, 2013
Detection and classification of Lepeophterius salmonis (Krøyer, 1837) using underwater hyperspectral imaging
R Pettersen, HL Braa, BA Gawel, PA Letnes, K Sæther, LMS Aas
Aquacultural Engineering 87, 102025, 2019
Underwater hyperspectral classification of deep sea corals exposed to 2-methylnaphthalene
PA Letnes, IM Hansen, LMS Aas, I Eide, R Pettersen, L Tassara, ...
PloS one 14 (2), e0209960, 2019
Detection of deposited drill cuttings on the sea floor-A comparison between underwater hyperspectral imagery and the human eye
SKJ Cochrane, S Ekehaug, R Pettersen, EC Refit, IM Hansen, LMS Aas
Marine pollution bulletin 145, 67-80, 2019
Determination of small tilt angles of short GaSb nanopillars using UV–visible Mueller matrix ellipsometry
LMS Aas, M Kildemo, Y Cohin, E Søndergård
Thin Solid Films 541, 97-101, 2013
Underwater hyperspectral classification of deep sea corals exposed to a toxic compound
PA Letnes, IM Hansen, LMS Aas, I Eide, R Pettersen, L Tassara, ...
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Method and System for Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging of Fish
US Patent App. 16/615,861, 2020
Anisotropic plasmonic Cu nanoparticles in sol-gel oxide nanopillars studied by spectroscopic Mueller matrix ellipsometry
Z Ghadyani, M Kildemo, LMS Aas, Y Cohin, E Søndergård
Optics Express 21 (25), 30796-30811, 2013
Design, optimization and realization of a ferroelectric liquid crystal based Mueller matrix ellipsometer using a genetic algorithm
LMS Aas, DG Skåre, PG Ellingsen, PA Letnes, M Kildemo
Thin solid films 571, 522-526, 2014
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