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Ecological genomics of marine picocyanobacteria
DJ Scanlan, M Ostrowski, S Mazard, A Dufresne, L Garczarek, WR Hess, ...
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Genome sequence of the cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus marinus SS120, a nearly minimal oxyphototrophic genome
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Diversity and evolution of phycobilisomes in marine Synechococcusspp.: a comparative genomics study
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Ecotypic variation in phosphorus-acquisition mechanisms within marine picocyanobacteria
LR Moore, M Ostrowski, DJ Scanlan, K Feren, T Sweetsir
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The ocean sampling day consortium
A Kopf, M Bicak, R Kottmann, J Schnetzer, I Kostadinov, K Lehmann, ...
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Tiny microbes with a big impact: the role of cyanobacteria and their metabolites in shaping our future
S Mazard, A Penesyan, M Ostrowski, IT Paulsen, S Egan
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Multi‐locus sequence analysis, taxonomic resolution and biogeography of marine Synechococcus
S Mazard, M Ostrowski, F Partensky, DJ Scanlan
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Life under nutrient limitation in oligotrophic marine environments: an eco/physiological perspective of Sphingopyxis alaskensis (formerly Sphingomonas alaskensis)
R Cavicchioli, M Ostrowski, F Fegatella, A Goodchild, N Guixa-Boixereu
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Is the distribution of Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus ecotypes in the Mediterranean Sea affected by global warming?
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An economical custom-built drone for assessing whale health
V Pirotta, A Smith, M Ostrowski, D Russell, ID Jonsen, A Grech, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science, 425, 2017
Sphingomonas alaskensis Strain AFO1, an Abundant Oligotrophic Ultramicrobacterium from the North Pacific
M Eguchi, M Ostrowski, F Fegatella, J Bowman, D Nichols, T Nishino, ...
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Global observational needs and resources for marine biodiversity
G Canonico, PL Buttigieg, E Montes, FE Muller-Karger, C Stepien, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 367, 2019
Oceanographic boundaries constrain microbial diversity gradients in the South Pacific Ocean
EJ Raes, L Bodrossy, J Van De Kamp, A Bissett, M Ostrowski, MV Brown, ...
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A trait based perspective on the biogeography of common and abundant marine bacterioplankton clades
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High levels of heterogeneity in diazotroph diversity and activity within a putative hotspot for marine nitrogen fixation
LF Messer, C Mahaffey, C M Robinson, TC Jeffries, KG Baker, ...
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Ancient DNA from marine sediments: Precautions and considerations for seafloor coring, sample handling and data generation
LH Armbrecht, MJL Coolen, F Lejzerowicz, SC George, K Negandhi, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 196, 102887, 2019
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