Grant Hall
Grant Hall
Doctor of Archaeology, University of Pretoria
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87Sr/86Sr ratios in modern and fossil food-webs of the Sterkfontein Valley: implications for early hominid habitat preference
A Sillen, G Hall, S Richardson, R Armstrong
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 62 (14), 2463-2473, 1998
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The demise of the largest and oldest African baobabs
A Patrut, S Woodborne, RT Patrut, L Rakosy, DA Lowy, G Hall, ...
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African baobabs with false inner cavities: the radiocarbon investigation of the Lebombo Eco Trail baobab
A Patrut, S Woodborne, KF Von Reden, G Hall, M Hofmeyr, DA Lowy, ...
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Decadal shift in foraging strategy of a migratory southern ocean predator
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Ecosystem change and the Olifants River crocodile mass mortality events
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Namib Desert primary productivity is driven by cryptic microbial community N-fixation
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An Acheulean handaxe from Gladysvale cave site, Gauteng, South Africa: research in action
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Multi-proxy analyses of a mid-15th century Middle Iron Age Bantu-speaker palaeo-faecal specimen elucidates the configuration of the ‘ancestral’sub-Saharan African intestinal …
RF Rifkin, S Vikram, JB Ramond, A Rey-Iglesia, TB Brand, G Porraz, A Val, ...
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Age, growth and death of a National icon: The historic Chapman baobab of Botswana
A Patrut, S Woodborne, RT Patrut, G Hall, L Rakosy, C Winterbach, ...
Forests 10 (11), 983, 2019
Using δ15N and δ13C and nitrogen functionalities to support a fire origin for certain inertinite macerals in a No. 4 Seam Upper Witbank coal, South Africa
OM Moroeng, NJ Wagner, G Hall, RJ Roberts
Organic Geochemistry 126, 23-32, 2018
Rainfall control of the δ13C ratios of Mimusops caffra from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
G Hall, S Woodborne, M Pienaar
The Holocene 19 (2), 251-260, 2009
Landscape Level Effects of Lion Presence (Panthera leo) on Two Contrasting Prey Species
M Chizzola, L Belton, A Ganswindt, I Greco, G Hall, L Swanepoel, ...
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Past climatic conditions for Bokoni at Buffelskloof, Mpumalanga, using δ13C analysis of Prunus africana and Pittosporum viridiflorum tree rings
MH Schoeman, B Aub, J Burrows, G Hall, S Woodborne
Journal of African Archaeology 17 (2), 150-160, 2019
Anthropogenic forcing increases the water‐use efficiency of African trees
THG Wils, I Robertson, S Woodborne, G Hall, M Koprowski, Z Eshetu
Journal of Quaternary Science 31 (4), 386-390, 2016
Risk assessment of pollution in surface waters of the Upper Olifants River System: implications for aquatic ecosystem health and the health of human users of water
PJ Oberholster, NH Aneck-Hahn, PJ Ashton, AM Botha, J Brown, ...
Report to the Olifants River Forum, CSIR, Pretoria, 2010
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