Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Scheiblbrandner, PhD
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Scheiblbrandner, PhD
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Extracellular electron transfer systems fuel cellulose oxidative degradation
D Kracher, S Scheiblbrandner, AKG Felice, E Breslmayr, M Preims, ...
Science 352 (6289), 1098-1101, 2016
Characterization of the two Neurospora crassa cellobiose dehydrogenases and their connection to oxidative cellulose degradation
C Sygmund, D Kracher, S Scheiblbrandner, K Zahma, AKG Felice, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (17), 6161-6171, 2012
Activation of bacterial lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases with cellobiose dehydrogenase
JSM Loose, Z Forsberg, D Kracher, S Scheiblbrandner, R Ludwig, ...
Protein science 25 (12), 2175-2186, 2016
Cellobiose dehydrogenase: Bioelectrochemical insights and applications
S Scheiblbrandner, R Ludwig
Bioelectrochemistry 131, 107345, 2020
Amperometric biosensors based on direct electron transfer enzymes
F Schachinger, H Chang, S Scheiblbrandner, R Ludwig
Molecules 26 (15), 4525, 2021
Influence of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase active site segments on activity and affinity
CVFP Laurent, P Sun, S Scheiblbrandner, F Csarman, P Cannazza, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (24), 6219, 2019
Evolving stability and pH-dependent activity of the high redox potential Botrytis aclada laccase for enzymatic fuel cells
S Scheiblbrandner, E Breslmayr, F Csarman, R Paukner, J Führer, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 13688, 2017
Investigating lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase-assisted wood cell wall degradation with microsensors
H Chang, N Gacias Amengual, A Botz, L Schwaiger, D Kracher, ...
Nature Communications 13 (1), 6258, 2022
Configuration of active site segments in lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases steers oxidative xyloglucan degradation
P Sun, CVFP Laurent, S Scheiblbrandner, M Frommhagen, D Kouzounis, ...
Biotechnology for Biofuels 13, 1-19, 2020
Chimeric cellobiose dehydrogenases reveal the function of cytochrome domain mobility for the electron transfer to lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase
AKG Felice, C Schuster, A Kadek, F Filandr, CVFP Laurent, ...
ACS catalysis 11 (2), 517-532, 2020
Chemistry and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Heme b-HemQ and Coproheme-HemQ
S Hofbauer, M Dalla Sega, S Scheiblbrandner, Z Jandova, I Schaffner, ...
Biochemistry 55 (38), 5398-5412, 2016
Real-time measurement of cellobiose and glucose formation during enzymatic biomass hydrolysis
H Chang, L Wohlschlager, F Csarman, A Ruff, W Schuhmann, ...
Analytical Chemistry 93 (21), 7732-7738, 2021
Cellobiose dehydrogenase in biofuel cells
S Scheiblbrandner, F Csarman, R Ludwig
Current opinion in biotechnology 73, 205-212, 2022
Protein conformational change is essential for reductive activation of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase by cellobiose dehydrogenase
E Breslmayr, CVFP Laurent, S Scheiblbrandner, A Jerkovic, DJ Heyes, ...
ACS catalysis 10 (9), 4842-4853, 2020
Agaricus meleagris pyranose dehydrogenase: Influence of covalent FAD linkage on catalysis and stability
I Krondorfer, D Brugger, R Paukner, S Scheiblbrandner, KF Pirker, ...
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 558, 111-119, 2014
A cytochrome b-glucose dehydrogenase chimeric enzyme capable of direct electron transfer
MC Viehauser, E Breslmayr, S Scheiblbrandner, F Schachinger, S Ma, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 196, 113704, 2022
Spectroelectrochemical investigation of the glyoxal oxidase activation mechanism
L Wohlschlager, D Kracher, S Scheiblbrandner, F Csarman, R Ludwig
Bioelectrochemistry 141, 107845, 2021
Cytochromes as electron shuttles from FAD-dependent glucose dehydrogenase to electrodes
F Schachinger, S Scheiblbrandner, K Karnpakdee, E Breslmayr, S Ma, ...
Electrochimica Acta 458, 142485, 2023
Amino Acid Residues Controlling Domain Interaction and Interdomain Electron Transfer in Cellobiose Dehydrogenase
B Motycka, F Csarman, M Rupp, K Schnabel, G Nagy, K Karnpakdee, ...
ChemBioChem 24 (22), e202300431, 2023
Interface engineering of cellobiose dehydrogenase improves interdomain electron transfer
TMB Reichhart, S Scheiblbrandner, C Sygmund, W Harreither, ...
Protein Science 32 (8), e4702, 2023
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