Rudy Kusdiantara
Rudy Kusdiantara
Department of Mathematics, Institut Teknologi Bandung
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Citat de
Bloom formation and turing patterns in an infochemical mediated multitrophic Plankton model
TAS Al-Karkhi, R Kusdiantara, H Susanto, EA Codling
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 30 (10), 2030028, 2020
A new estimation method for COVID-19 time-varying reproduction number using active cases
A Hasan, H Susanto, VR Tjahjono, R Kusdiantara, ERM Putri, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.03766, 2020
How many can you infect? Simple (and naive) methods of estimating the reproduction number
H Susanto, VR Tjahjono, A Hasan, MF Kasim, N Nuraini, ERM Putri, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.15706, 2020
Snakes and ghosts in a parity-time-symmetric chain of dimers
H Susanto, R Kusdiantara, N Li, OB Kirikchi, D Adzkiya, ERM Putri, ...
Physical Review E 97 (6), 062204, 2018
Homoclinic snaking in the discrete Swift-Hohenberg equation
R Kusdiantara, H Susanto
Physical Review E 96 (6), 062214, 2017
Solitons in a chain of charge-parity-symmetric dimers
OB Kirikchi, BA Malomed, N Karjanto, R Kusdiantara, H Susanto
Physical Review A 98 (6), 063841, 2018
An evolutionary model propounding Anopheles double resistance against insecticides
D Suandi, KP Wijaya, M Amadi, NC Ganegoda, R Kusdiantara, KA Sidarto, ...
Applied Mathematical Modelling 106, 463-481, 2022
Variational approximations of soliton dynamics in the Ablowitz-Musslimani nonlinear Schrödinger equation
R Rusin, R Kusdiantara, H Susanto
Physics Letters A 383 (17), 2039-2045, 2019
Justification of the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation from a parametrically driven damped nonlinear Klein–Gordon equation and numerical comparisons
Y Muda, FT Akbar, R Kusdiantara, BE Gunara, H Susanto
Physics Letters A 383 (12), 1274-1282, 2019
A prospective method for generating COVID-19 dynamics
KK Sukandar, AL Louismono, M Volisa, R Kusdiantara, M Fakhruddin, ...
Computation 10 (7), 107, 2022
Unidirectional flow of symbiotic solitons and nonlinear modes of the Schrödinger equation with an external potential
A Javed, H Susanto, R Kusdiantara, I Kourakis
The European Physical Journal Plus 137 (10), 1146, 2022
Snakes in square, honeycomb and triangular lattices
R Kusdiantara, H Susanto
Nonlinearity 32 (12), 5170, 2019
Variational approximations using Gaussian ansatz, false instability, and its remedy in nonlinear Schrödinger lattices
R Rusin, R Kusdiantara, H Susanto
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51 (47), 475202, 2018
A study on Zika–Dengue coinfection model with microcephaly newborn dynamics
M Zevika, R Kusdiantara, N Nuraini, E Soewono
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 175, 114019, 2023
Dynamical analysis of two-pathogen coinfection in influenza and other respiratory diseases
H Fahlena, R Kusdiantara, N Nuraini, E Soewono
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 155, 111727, 2022
Reduction of a damped, driven Klein–Gordon equation into a discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation: Justification and numerical comparison
Y Muda, FT Akbar, R Kusdiantara, BE Gunara, H Susanto
Asymptotic Analysis 120 (1-2), 73-86, 2020
Dynamical analysis of a predator-prey model arising from palm tree plantation
Y Syukriyah, M Fakhruddin, N Nuraini, R Kusdiantara
Commun. Biomath. Sci 2, 127-137, 2019
Critical point analysis of phase envelope diagram
D Soetikno, R Kusdiantara, D Puspita, KA Sidarto, UWR Siagian, ...
AIP Conference Proceedings 1589 (1), 492-495, 2014
Tsunami evacuation mathematical model for the city of Padang
R Kusdiantara, R Hadianti, MS Badri Kusuma, E Soewono
AIP Conference Proceedings 1450 (1), 305-312, 2012
Homoclinic snaking in discrete systems
R Kusdiantara
University of Essex, 2018
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