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The dietary flavonoid kaempferol effectively inhibits HIF-1 activity and hepatoma cancer cell viability under hypoxic conditions
I Mylonis, A Lakka, A Tsakalof, G Simos
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 398 (1), 74-78, 2010
High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of colouring matters in historical garments from the Holy Mountain of Athos
I Karapanagiotis, A Lakka, L Valianou, Y Chryssoulakis
Microchimica Acta 160, 477-483, 2008
Saffron processing wastes as a bioresource of high-value added compounds: Development of a green extraction process for polyphenol recovery using a natural deep eutectic solvent
A Lakka, S Grigorakis, I Karageorgou, G Batra, O Kaltsa, E Bozinou, ...
Antioxidants 8 (12), 586, 2019
A Green Extraction Process for Polyphenols from Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) Flowers Using Deep Eutectic Solvent and Ultrasound-Assisted Pretreatment
O Kaltsa, A Lakka, S Grigorakis, I Karageorgou, G Batra, E Bozinou, ...
Molecules 25 (4), 921, 2020
Evaluation of Pulsed Electric Field Polyphenol Extraction from Vitis vinifera, Sideritis scardica and Crocus sativus
A Lakka, E Bozinou, DP Makris, SI Lalas
ChemEngineering 5 (2), 25, 2021
The Effect of Ultrasonication Pretreatment on the Production of Polyphenol-Enriched Extracts from Moringa oleifera L. (Drumstick Tree) Using a Novel Bio-Based …
A Lakka, S Grigorakis, O Kaltsa, I Karageorgou, G Batra, E Bozinou, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (1), 220, 2019
Polyphenol Extraction from Humulus lupulus (Hop) Using a Neoteric Glycerol/L-Alanine Deep Eutectic Solvent: Optimisation, Kinetics and the Effect of Ultrasound …
A Lakka, I Karageorgou, O Kaltsa, G Batra, E Bozinou, S Lalas, D Makris
AgriEngineering 1 (3), 403-417, 2019
Optimization of pulsed electric field as standalone “green” extraction procedure for the recovery of high value-added compounds from fresh olive leaves
VM Pappas, A Lakka, D Palaiogiannis, V Athanasiadis, E Bozinou, ...
Antioxidants 10 (10), 1554, 2021
Use of Pulsed Electric Field as a low-temperature and high-performance “green” extraction technique for the recovery of high added value compounds from olive leaves
VM Pappas, A Lakka, D Palaiogiannis, E Bozinou, G Ntourtoglou, G Batra, ...
Beverages 7 (3), 45, 2021
Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin as a green co-solvent in the aqueous extraction of polyphenols from waste orange peels
A Lakka, S Lalas, DP Makris
Beverages 6 (3), 50, 2020
Isolation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) inhibitors from frankincense using a molecularly imprinted polymer
A Lakka, I Mylonis, S Bonanou, G Simos, A Tsakalof
Investigational new drugs 29, 1081-1089, 2011
Investigation of the colouring materials of Fustat carpet fragments
I Karapanagiotis, J Theologou, A Lakka, A Ozoline, C Panayiotou
Archaeometry 53 (3), 587-599, 2011
Green valorization of olive leaves to produce polyphenol-enriched extracts using an environmentally benign deep eutectic solvent
O Kaltsa, S Grigorakis, A Lakka, E Bozinou, S Lalas, DP Makris
AgriEngineering 2 (2), 226-239, 2020
Development of a green methodology for simultaneous extraction of polyphenols and pigments from red winemaking solid wastes (pomace) using a novel glycerol-sodium benzoate deep …
A Alibade, A Lakka, E Bozinou, SI Lalas, A Chatzilazarou, DP Makris
Environments 8 (9), 90, 2021
Integrated green process for the extraction of red grape pomace antioxidant polyphenols using ultrasound-assisted pretreatment and β-cyclodextrin
A Alibante, A Lakka, E Bozinou, A Chatzilazarou, S Lalas, DP Makris
Beverages 7 (3), 59, 2021
Development of a low-temperature and high-performance green extraction process for the recovery of polyphenolic phytochemicals from waste potato peels using hydroxypropyl β …
A Lakka, S Lalas, DP Makris
Applied Sciences 10 (10), 3611, 2020
Cyclodextrins as high-performance green co-solvents in the aqueous extraction of polyphenols and anthocyanin pigments from solid onion waste
E Bozinou, A Lakka, K Poulianiti, S Lalas, DP Makris
European Food Research and Technology 247, 2831-2845, 2021
Enhancement of Polyphenols Recovery from Rosa canina, Calendula officinalis and Castanea sativa Using Pulsed Electric Field
A Lakka, E Bozinou, G Stavropoulos, I Samanidis, V Athanasiadis, ...
Beverages 7 (3), 63, 2021
Pulsed Electric Field and Salvia officinalis L. Leaves: A Successful Combination for the Extraction of High Value Added Compounds
V Athanasiadis, A Lakka, D Palaiogiannis, VM Pappas, E Bozinou, ...
Foods 10 (9), 2014, 2021
Molecular Imprinting of Tri‐O‐Acetyladenosine for the Synthetic Imitation of an ATP‐Binding Cleft in Protein Kinases
A Lakka, A Tsakalof
ChemPlusChem 78 (8), 808-815, 2013
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