Inna Melnyk
Inna Melnyk
Senoir Researcher, DrSc, Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry NASU; Institute of Geotechnics SAS
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Citat de
Bifunctional silica nanospheres with 3-aminopropyl and phenyl groups. Synthesis approach and prospects of their applications
S Kotsyuda, V Tomina, Y Zub, I Furtat, A Lebed, M Vaclavikova, I Melnyk
Applied Surface Science 420, 782-791, 2017
Spray-dried mesoporous silica microspheres with adjustable textures and pore surfaces homogenously covered by accessible thiol functions
IV Melnyk, YL Zub, E Véron, D Massiot, T Cacciaguerra, B Alonso
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (12), 1368-1382, 2008
Molecular insight into the mode-of-action of phosphonate monolayers as active functions of hybrid metal oxide adsorbents. Case study in sequestration of rare earth elements
GA Seisenbaeva, IV Melnyk, N Hedin, Y Chen, P Eriksson, E Trzop, ...
RSC Advances 5 (31), 24575-24585, 2015
Sorption properties of porous spray-dried microspheres functionalized by phosphonic acid groups
IV Melnyk, VP Goncharyk, LI Kozhara, GR Yurchenko, AK Matkovsky, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 153, 171-177, 2012
Immobilization of urease on magnetic nanoparticles coated by polysiloxane layers bearing thiol-or thiol-and alkyl-functions
RP Pogorilyi, IV Melnyk, YL Zub, GA Seisenbaeva, VG Kessler
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (18), 2694-2702, 2014
Protection of Thiol Groups on the Surface of Magnetic Adsorbents and Their Application for Wastewater Treatment
I Melnyk, R Pogorilyi, Y Zub, M Vaclavikova, K Gdula, A D±browski, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 8592, 2018
Organic dyes (acid red, fluorescein, methylene blue) and copper (II) adsorption on amino silica spherical particles with tailored surface hydrophobicity and porosity
IV Melnyk, VV Tomina, NV Stolyarchuk, GA Seisenbaeva, VG Kessler
Journal of Molecular Liquids 336, 116301, 2021
Composite sorbents based on porous ceramic substrate and hybrid amino- and mercapto-silica materials for Ni(II) and Pb(II) ions removal
V Tomina, N Stolyarchuk, I Melnyk, Y Zub, T Kouznetsova, V Prozorovich, ...
Separation and Purification Technology 175, 391-398, 2017
Dy (III) sorption from water solutions by mesoporous silicas functionalized with phosphonic acid groups
IV Melnyk, VP Goncharyk, NV Stolyarchuk, LI Kozhara, AS Lunochkina, ...
Journal of Porous Materials 19 (5), 579-585, 2012
Sol-gel derived adsorbents with enzymatic and complexonate functions for complex water remediation
R Pogorilyi, I Pylypchuk, I Melnyk, Y Zub, G Seisenbaeva, V Kessler
Nanomaterials 7 (10), 298, 2017
New product from old reaction: uniform magnetite nanoparticles from iron-mediated synthesis of alkali iodides and their protection from leaching in acidic media
RP Pogorilyi, IV Melnyk, YL Zub, S Carlson, G Daniel, P Svedlindh, ...
RSC Advances 4 (43), 22606-22612, 2014
New perception of Zn (II) and Mn (II) removal mechanism on sustainable sunflower biochar from alkaline batteries contaminated water
H Yankovych, V Novoseltseva, O Kovalenko, DM Behunova, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 292, 112757, 2021
Development of polyester filters with polymer nanocomposite active layer for effective dye filtration
M Pasichnyk, J Gaálová, P Minarik, M Václavíková, I Melnyk
Scientific Reports 12, 973, 2022
Enzyme immobilization on a nanoadsorbent for improved stability against heavy metal poisoning
R Pogorilyi, I Melnyk, Y Zub, G Seisenbaeva, V Kessler
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 144, 135-142, 2016
Design of functionalized polysiloxanes: synthesis and study on sulfur containing xerogels with mono-and bifunctional surface layer
YL Zub, IV Melnyk, AA Chuiko, D Cauzzi, G Predieri
Surface, 35-45, 2002
Urease adsorption and activity on magnetite nanoparticles functionalized with monofunctional and bifunctional surface layers
RP Pogorilyi, IV Melnyk, YL Zub, GA Seisenbaeva, VG Kessler, ...
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 68 (3), 447-454, 2013
Preparation and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles with bifunctional surface layer≡ Si (CH2) 3NH2/≡ SiCH3 (or≡ SiC3H7− n)
IV Melnyk, YL Zub
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 154, 196-199, 2012
Creation of a functional polysiloxane layer on the surface of magnetic nanoparticles using the sol-gel method
I Melnyk, Y Zub, B Alonso, N Abramov, P Gorbik
Glass Physics and Chemistry 38 (1), 96-104, 2012
Comparative characteristics of texture and properties of hybrid organic–inorganic adsorbents functionalized by amine and thiol groups
YL Zub, IV Melnyk, NV Stolyarchuk, HI Dobryanska, M Barczak, ...
Progress in solid state chemistry 33 (2-4), 179-186, 2005
Tailoring bifunctional hybrid organic–inorganic nanoadsorbents by the choice of functional layer composition probed by adsorption of Cu2+ ions
V Tomina, I Melnyk, Y Zub, A Kareiva, M Vaclavikova, G Seisenbaeva, ...
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 8, 334–347, 2017
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