James Manton
James Manton
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
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Citat de
NBLAST: rapid, sensitive comparison of neuronal structure and construction of neuron family databases
M Costa, JD Manton, AD Ostrovsky, S Prohaska, GSXE Jefferis
Neuron 91 (2), 293–311, 2016
The natverse, a versatile toolbox for combining and analysing neuroanatomical data
AS Bates, JD Manton, SR Jagannathan, M Costa, P Schlegel, T Rohlfing, ...
eLife 9, e53350, 2020
Functional and anatomical specificity in a higher olfactory centre
S Frechter, AS Bates, S Tootoonian, MJ Dolan, JD Manton, AR Jamasb, ...
eLife 8, e44590, 2019
Intramitochondrial proteostasis is directly coupled to α-synuclein and amyloid β1-42 pathologies
J Lautenschläger, S Wagner-Valladolid, AD Stephens, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 295 (30), 10138-10152, 2020
Real-time multi-angle projection imaging of biological dynamics
BJ Chang, JD Manton, E Sapoznik, T Pohlkamp, TS Terrones, ES Welf, ...
Nature Methods 18 (7), 829-834, 2021
triSPIM: light sheet microscopy with isotropic super-resolution
JD Manton, EJ Rees
Optics Letters 41 (18), 4170–4173, 2016
Proteins encoded by the gerP operon are localised to the inner coat in Bacillus cereus spores and are dependent on GerPA and SafA for assembly
A Ghosh, JD Manton, AR Mustafa, M Gupta, A Ayuso-Garcia, EJ Rees, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, AEM. 00760-18, 2018
A fluorescent reporter system enables spatiotemporal analysis of host cell modification during herpes simplex virus-1 replication
KM Scherer, JD Manton, TK Soh, L Mascheroni, V Connor, CM Crump, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 100236, 2020
Concepts for structured illumination microscopy with extended axial resolution through mirrored illumination
JD Manton, F Ströhl, R Fiolka, CF Kaminski, EJ Rees
Biomedical Optics Express 11 (4), 2098-2108, 2020
Living on soup: macropinocytic feeding in amoebae
RR Kay, TD Williams, JD Manton, D Traynor, P Paschke
International Journal of Developmental Biology 63 (8-9-10), 473-483, 2019
Ellipsoid localization microscopy infers the size and order of protein layers in Bacillus spore coats
J Manetsberger, JD Manton, MJ Erdelyi, H Lin, D Rees, G Christie, ...
Biophysical Journal 109 (10), 2058-2066, 2015
Combining sample expansion and light sheet microscopy for the volumetric imaging of virus-infected cells with super-resolution
L Mascheroni, KM Scherer, JD Manton, E Ward, O Dibben, CF Kaminski
Biomedical Optics Express 11 (9), 5032-5044, 2020
Answering some questions about structured illumination microscopy
JD Manton
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 380 (2220), 20210109, 2022
Extended depth of focus multiphoton microscopy via incoherent pulse splitting
B Chen, T Chakraborty, S Daetwyler, J Manton, K Dean, R Fiolka
Biomedical Optics Express 11 (7), 3830-3842, 2020
Development of an open technology sensor suite for assisted living: a student-led research project
JD Manton, JAE Hughes, O Bonner, OA Amjad, P Mair, I Miele, T Wang, ...
Interface Focus 6 (4), 20160018, 2016
Image reconstruction in light-sheet microscopy: spatially varying deconvolution and mixed noise
B Toader, J Boulanger, Y Korolev, MO Lenz, J Manton, CB Schönlieb, ...
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 1-25, 2022
ELM: super-resolution analysis of wide-field images of fluorescent shell structures
JD Manton, Y Xiao, RD Turner, G Christie, EJ Rees
Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 6, 037001, 2018
Synthetic Par polarity induces cytoskeleton asymmetry in unpolarized mammalian cells
JL Watson, LK Krüger, AJ Ben-Sasson, A Bittleston, MN Shahbazi, ...
Cell 186 (21), 4710-4727. e35, 2023
Volumetric Reconstruction from 2D Projection Data for Fast 3D Imaging
D Olesker, B Chen, JD Manton, R Fiolka, AR Harvey, JM Taylor
Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging, CTu4F. 2, 2022
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