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Neanderthal use of fish, mammals, birds, starchy plants and wood 125-250,000 years ago
BL Hardy, MH Moncel
PloS one 6 (8), e23768, 2011
Middle Palaeolithic raw material gathering territories and human mobility in the southern Massif Central, France: first results from a petro-archaeological study on flint
P Fernandes, JP Raynal, MH Moncel
Journal of Archaeological Science 35 (8), 2357-2370, 2008
Early evidence of Acheulean settlement in northwestern Europe-La Noira Site, a 700 000 year-old occupation in the center of France
MH Moncel, J Despriée, P Voinchet, H Tissoux, D Moreno, JJ Bahain, ...
PloS one 8 (11), e75529, 2013
The Lower/Middle Paleolithic periodization in western Europe: an evaluation
GF Monnier
Current Anthropology 47 (5), 709-744, 2006
The emergence of Neanderthal technical behavior: new evidence from Orgnac 3 (Level 1, MIS 8), southeastern France
MH Moncel, AM Moigne, Y Sam, J Combier
Current Anthropology 52 (1), 37-75, 2011
On Neanderthal subsistence strategies and land use: a regional focus on the Rhone Valley area in southeastern France
C Daujeard, MH Moncel
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 29 (3), 368-391, 2010
Impossible Neanderthals? Making string, throwing projectiles and catching small game during Marine Isotope Stage 4 (Abri du Maras, France)
BL Hardy, MH Moncel, C Daujeard, P Fernandes, P Béarez, E Desclaux, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 82, 23-40, 2013
Towards the Middle Palaeolithic in western Europe: the case of Orgnac 3 (southeastern France)
MH Moncel, AM Moigne, J Combier
Journal of Human Evolution 63 (5), 653-666, 2012
Pre-Neandertal behaviour during isotopic stage 9 and the beginning of stage 8. New data concerning fauna and lithics in the different occupation levels of Orgnac 3 (Ardèche …
MH Moncel, AM Moigne, J Combier
Journal of Archaeological Science 32 (9), 1283-1301, 2005
The archaic stone tool industry from Barranco León and Fuente Nueva 3,(Orce, Spain): Evidence of the earliest hominin presence in southern Europe
IT Moyano, D Barsky, D Cauche, V Celiberti, S Grégoire, F Lebegue, ...
Quaternary International 243 (1), 80-91, 2011
Lower and Middle Pleistocene human settlements in the middle Loire River basin, Centre region, France
J Despriee, P Voinchet, H Tissoux, MH Moncel, M Arzarello, S Robin, ...
Quaternary International 223, 345-359, 2010
Lower and Middle Pleistocene human settlements recorded in fluvial deposits of the middle Loire River Basin, Centre Region, France
J Despriée, P Voinchet, H Tissoux, JJ Bahain, C Falguères, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 30 (11-12), 1474-1485, 2011
L'exploitation de l'espace et la mobilité des groupes humains au travers des assemblages lithiques à la fin du Pléistocène moyen et au début du Pléistocène supérieur: la …
MH Moncel
BAR Publishing, 2003
Hominin occupations at the Dmanisi site, Georgia, Southern Caucasus: Raw materials and technical behaviours of Europe’s first hominins
A Mgeladze, D Lordkipanidze, MH Moncel, J Despriee, R Chagelishvili, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 60 (5), 571-596, 2011
Oldest human expansions in Eurasia: favouring and limiting factors
MH Moncel
Quaternary International 223, 1-9, 2010
Origins of prehistoric flints: The neocortex memory revealed by scanning electron microscopy
P Fernandes, FX Le Bourdonnec, JP Raynal, G Poupeau, M Piboule, ...
Comptes Rendus Palevol 6 (8), 557-568, 2007
Middle Paleolithic bone retouchers in Southeastern France: Variability and functionality
C Daujeard, MH Moncel, I Fiore, A Tagliacozzo, P Bindon, JP Raynal
Quaternary International 326, 492-518, 2014
Seasonality and intra-site variation of Neanderthal occupations in the Middle Palaeolithic locality of Payre (Ardèche, France) using dental wear analyses
F Rivals, MH Moncel, M Patou-Mathis
Journal of Archaeological Science 36 (4), 1070-1078, 2009
High resolution analysis of uranium and thorium concentration as well as U-series isotope distributions in a Neanderthal tooth from Payre (Ardèche, France) using laser ablation …
R Grün, M Aubert, R Joannes-Boyau, MH Moncel
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 (21), 5278-5290, 2008
Les assemblages ithiques du site pléistocène moyen d'Orgnac 3 (Ardèche, Moyenne vallée du Rhône, France): contribution à la connaissance du Paléolithique moyen ancien et du …
MH Moncel
Etudes et recherches archéologiques de l'Université de Liège, 1999
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