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Behzad Mohasel Afshari
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Vibration of two-dimensional imperfect functionally graded (2D-FG) porous nano-/micro-beams
N Shafiei, SS Mirjavadi, B MohaselAfshari, S Rabby, M Kazemi
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 322, 615-632, 2017
Effect of multi-pass friction stir processing on the microstructure, mechanical and wear properties of AA5083/ZrO2 nanocomposites
SS Mirjavadi, M Alipour, AMS Hamouda, A Matin, S Kord, BM Afshari, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 726, 1262-1273, 2017
Thermal vibration of two-dimensional functionally graded (2D-FG) porous Timoshenko nanobeams
SS Mirjavadi, BM Afshari, N Shafiei, AMS Hamouda, M Kazemi
Steel and Composite Structures, An International Journal 25 (4), 415-426, 2017
On size-dependent free vibration and thermal buckling of axially functionally graded nanobeams in thermal environment
SS Mirjavadi, S Rabby, N Shafiei, BM Afshari, M Kazemi
Applied Physics A 123, 1-10, 2017
Nonlinear thermal buckling of axially functionally graded micro and nanobeams
N Shafiei, SS Mirjavadi, BM Afshari, S Rabby, AMS Hamouda
Composite Structures 168, 428-439, 2017
Effect of temperature and porosity on the vibration behavior of two-dimensional functionally graded micro-scale Timoshenko beam
SS Mirjavadi, B Mohasel Afshari, N Shafiei, S Rabby, M Kazemi
Journal of Vibration and Control 24 (18), 4211-4225, 2018
Transient response of porous FG nanoplates subjected to various pulse loads based on nonlocal stress-strain gradient theory
SS Mirjavadi, BM Afshari, MR Barati, AMS Hamouda
European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids 74, 210-220, 2019
Thermal buckling behavior of two-dimensional imperfect functionally graded microscale-tapered porous beam
SS Mirjavadi, A Matin, N Shafiei, S Rabby, B Mohasel Afshari
Journal of Thermal Stresses 40 (10), 1201-1214, 2017
Nonlinear vibration and buckling of functionally graded porous nanoscaled beams
SS Mirjavadi, B Mohasel Afshari, M Khezel, N Shafiei, S Rabby, ...
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 40, 1-12, 2018
Nonlinear free and forced vibrations of graphene nanoplatelet reinforced microbeams with geometrical imperfection
SS Mirjavadi, BM Afshari, MR Barati, AMS Hamouda
Microsystem Technologies 25, 3137-3150, 2019
Dynamic response of metal foam FG porous cylindrical micro-shells due to moving loads with strain gradient size-dependency
SS Mirjavadi, M Forsat, MR Barati, GM Abdella, BM Afshari, ...
The European Physical Journal Plus 134 (5), 214, 2019
Post-buckling analysis of piezo-magnetic nanobeams with geometrical imperfection and different piezoelectric contents
SS Mirjavadi, M Forsat, MR Barati, GM Abdella, AMS Hamouda, ...
Microsystem Technologies 25, 3477-3488, 2019
Strain gradient based dynamic response analysis of heterogeneous cylindrical microshells with porosities under a moving load
SS Mirjavadi, BM Afshari, MR Barati, AMS Hamouda
Materials Research Express 6 (3), 035029, 2018
Effects of pre-deformation on microstructure and tensile properties of Al—Zn—Mg—Cu alloy produced by modified strain induced melt activation
BM Afshari, SS Mirjavadi, YA Dolatabad, M Aghajani, MKB Givi, M Alipour, ...
Transactions of nonferrous metals society of china 26 (9), 2283-2295, 2016
Transient response of porous inhomogeneous nanobeams due to various impulsive loads based on nonlocal strain gradient elasticity
SS Mirjavadi, BM Afshari, MR Barati, AMS Hamouda
International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design 16, 57-68, 2020
Post-buckling analysis of geometrically imperfect nanoparticle reinforced annular sector plates under radial compression
SS Mirjavadi, M Forsat, S Mollaee, MR Barati, BM Afshari, AMS Hamouda
Computers and Concrete, An International Journal 26 (1), 21-30, 2020
Optimization of a radiator for a MPFL system in a GEO satellite
BM Afshari, M Abedi, M Shahryari
Advances in aircraft and spacecraft science 4 (6), 701, 2017
Surveying the effect of thermal and mechanical loads on star sensor baffle and its performance
J Haghshenas, BM Afshari
Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XXIII 11151, 519-527, 2019
Investigating nonlinear static behavior of hyperelastic plates using three-parameter hyperelastic model
BM Afshari, SS Mirjavadi, MR Barati
Techno-Press, 2022
Effects of temperature variations on the performance of a space imaging system baffle
J Haghshenas, BM Afshari
Optical Systems Design 2015: Optical Design and Engineering VI 9626, 839-847, 2015
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