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The XC chemokine receptor 1 is a conserved selective marker of mammalian cells homologous to mouse CD8α+ dendritic cells
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TGF-β inhibits the activation and functions of NK cells by repressing the mTOR pathway
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T-bet and Eomes instruct the development of two distinct natural killer cell lineages in the liver and in the bone marrow
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A comparative phenotypic and genomic analysis of C57BL/6J and C57BL/6N mouse strains
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Resting Memory CD8+ T Cells are Hyperreactive to Antigenic Challenge In Vitro
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Interleukin 3 protects murine bone marrow cells from apoptosis induced by DNA damaging agents.
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TLR2 engagement on CD8 T cells lowers the thresholdfor optimal antigen‐induced T cell activation
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Involvement of inhibitory NKRs in the survival of a subset of memory-phenotype CD8+ T cells
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Dominant interfering alleles define a role for c-Myb in T-cell development.
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Immunogenicity and efficacy of heterologous ChAdOx1–BNT162b2 vaccination
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Regulation of mouse NK cell development and function by cytokines
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Tumor promotion by intratumoral plasmacytoid dendritic cells is reversed by TLR7 ligand treatment
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Sequential desensitization of CXCR4 and S1P5 controls natural killer cell trafficking
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Polyclonal expansion of TCR Vβ 21.3+ CD4+ and CD8+ T cells is a hallmark of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
M Moreews, K Le Gouge, S Khaldi-Plassart, R Pescarmona, AL Mathieu, ...
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Death by neglect as a deletional mechanism of peripheral tolerance
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TRF2 inhibits a cell-extrinsic pathway through which natural killer cells eliminate cancer cells
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TLR2 engagement on CD8 T cells enables generation of functional memory cells in response to a suboptimal TCR signal
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Contrasting Cu, Fe, and Zn isotopic patterns in organs and body fluids of mice and sheep, with emphasis on cellular fractionation
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Control of proliferation by Bcl-2 family members
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Overexpression of Sp1 transcription factor induces apoptosis
E Deniaud, J Baguet, AL Mathieu, J Marvel, Y Leverrier
Oncogene 25 (53), 7096-7105, 2006
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