Claudia Toro
Claudia Toro
CNR Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering IGAG c/o Department of Mechanical and
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Optimal operation of large district heating networks through fast fluid-dynamic simulation
E Guelpa, C Toro, A Sciacovelli, R Melli, E Sciubba, V Verda
Energy 102, 586-595, 2016
Analysis and comparison of solar-heat driven Stirling, Brayton and Rankine cycles for space power generation
C Toro, N Lior
Energy 120, 549-564, 2017
Feasibility analysis of a small-scale ORC energy recovery system for vehicular application
R Capata, C Toro
Energy conversion and management 86, 1078-1090, 2014
Sabatier based power-to-gas system: Heat exchange network design and thermoeconomic analysis
C Toro, E Sciubba
Applied Energy 229, 1181-1190, 2018
Modeling carbon monoxide direct oxidation in solid oxide fuel cells
L Andreassi, C Toro, S Ubertini
Thermodynamic analysis of a Rankine dual loop waste thermal energy recovery system
E Sciubba, L Tocci, C Toro
Energy conversion and management 122, 109-118, 2016
An exergy-based approach to the joint economic and environmental impact assessment of possible photovoltaic scenarios: A case study at a regional level in Italy
E Colombo, MV Rocco, C Toro, E Sciubba
Ecological Modelling 318, 64-74, 2015
Impact of energy monitoring and management systems on the implementation and planning of energy performance improved actions: An empirical analysis based on energy audits in Italy
C Herce, E Biele, C Martini, M Salvio, C Toro
Energies 14 (16), 4723, 2021
Multi-stage flash desalination process: Modeling and simulation
A Nannarone, C Toro, E Sciubba
Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost …, 2017
Modelling and simulation of a hybrid solid oxide fuel cell coupled with a gas turbine power plant
V Amati, E Sciubba, C Toro, L Andreassi
International Journal of Thermodynamics 12 (3), 131-139, 2009
Exergy and thermoeconomic analyses of central receiver concentrated solar plants using air as heat transfer fluid
C Toro, MV Rocco, E Colombo
Energies 9 (11), 885, 2016
Closed Brayton cycles for power generation in space: modeling, simulation and exergy analysis
A Biondi, C Toro
Energy 181, 793-802, 2019
Cogeneration supporting the energy transition in the italian ceramic tile industry
L Branchini, MC Bignozzi, B Ferrari, B Mazzanti, S Ottaviano, M Salvio, ...
Sustainability 13 (7), 4006, 2021
From energy audit to energy performance indicators (EnPI): A methodology to characterize productive sectors. the Italian cement industry case study
G Bruni, A De Santis, C Herce, L Leto, C Martini, F Martini, M Salvio, ...
Energies 14 (24), 8436, 2021
Energy-saving technology opportunities and investments of the italian foundry industry
L Leoni, A Cantini, F De Carlo, M Salvio, C Martini, C Toro, F Martini
Energies 14 (24), 8470, 2021
Multi-effect distillation desalination process: modeling and simulation
A Nannarone, C Toro, E Sciubba
Proceedings of ECOS, 2017
Optimal operation and sensitivity analysis of a large district heating network through POD modeling
S Cosentino, E Guelpa, R Melli, A Sciacovelli, E Sciubba, C Toro, V Verda
ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 46514 …, 2014
The gas turbine hybrid vehicle LETHE™ at UDR1: The on-board innovative ORC energy recovery system—Feasibility analysis
R Capata, E Sciubba, C Toro
ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 45226, 131-136, 2012
CAMEL-Pro Users Manual, rev. 4
V Amati, A Coccia, E Sciubba, C Toro
An integrated exergy approach for the optimal matching of internal and external heating plants in building conditioning systems
E Cheremnykh, M Cianfrini, E Sciubba, C Toro
Energy and buildings 62, 638-647, 2013
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