Junyeong Ahn
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Failure of Nielsen-Ninomiya theorem and fragile topology in two-dimensional systems with space-time inversion symmetry: application to twisted bilayer graphene at magic angle
J Ahn, S Park, BJ Yang
Physical Review X 9 (2), 021013, 2019
Band Topology and Linking Structure of Nodal Line Semimetals with Monopole Charges
J Ahn, D Kim, Y Kim, BJ Yang
Physical Review Letters 121 (10), 106403, 2018
Low-frequency divergence and quantum geometry of the bulk photovoltaic effect in topological semimetals
J Ahn, GY Guo, N Nagaosa
Physical Review X 10 (4), 041041, 2020
Topological correspondence between Hermitian and non-Hermitian systems: Anomalous dynamics
JY Lee, J Ahn, H Zhou, A Vishwanath
Physical Review Letters 123 (20), 206404, 2019
Riemannian geometry of resonant optical responses
J Ahn, GY Guo, N Nagaosa, A Vishwanath
Nature Physics 18 (3), 290-295, 2022
Two-dimensional higher-order topology in monolayer graphdiyne
E Lee, R Kim, J Ahn, BJ Yang
npj Quantum Materials 5 (1), 1, 2020
Fragile topology protected by inversion symmetry: Diagnosis, bulk-boundary correspondence, and Wilson loop
Y Hwang, J Ahn, BJ Yang
Physical Review B 100 (20), 205126, 2019
Symmetry representation approach to topological invariants in C2zT-symmetric systems
J Ahn, BJ Yang
Physical Review B 99 (23), 235125, 2019
Stiefel–Whitney classes and topological phases in band theory
J Ahn, S Park, D Kim, Y Kim, BJ Yang
Chinese Physics B 28 (11), 117101, 2019
Higher-order topological superconductivity of spin-polarized fermions
J Ahn, BJ Yang
Physical Review Research 2 (1), 012060, 2020
Unconventional topological phase transition in two-dimensional systems with space-time inversion symmetry
J Ahn, BJ Yang
Physical review letters 118 (15), 156401, 2017
Emergence of Fermi arcs due to magnetic splitting in an antiferromagnet
B Schrunk, Y Kushnirenko, B Kuthanazhi, J Ahn, LL Wang, E O’Leary, ...
Nature 603 (7902), 610-615, 2022
Theory of optical axion electrodynamics and application to the Kerr effect in topological antiferromagnets
J Ahn, SY Xu, A Vishwanath
Nature Communications 13 (1), 7615, 2022
Theory of optical responses in clean multi-band superconductors
J Ahn, N Nagaosa
Nature Communications 12, 1617, 2021
Axion optical induction of antiferromagnetic order
JX Qiu, C Tzschaschel, J Ahn, A Gao, H Li, XY Zhang, B Ghosh, C Hu, ...
Nature Materials 22 (5), 583-590, 2023
Rare-earth monopnictides: Family of antiferromagnets hosting magnetic Fermi arcs
Y Kushnirenko, B Schrunk, B Kuthanazhi, LL Wang, J Ahn, E O'Leary, ...
Physical Review B 106 (11), 115112, 2022
Superconductivity-induced spectral weight transfer due to quantum geometry
J Ahn, N Nagaosa
Physical Review B 104 (10), L100501, 2021
Unconventional Surface State Pairs in a High-Symmetry Lattice with Anti-ferromagnetic Band-folding
LL Wang, J Ahn, RJ Slager, Y Kushnirenko, BG Ueland, A Sapkota, ...
Communications Physics 6 (78), 2023
Unconventional Majorana fermions on the surface of topological superconductors protected by rotational symmetry
J Ahn, BJ Yang
Physical Review B 103 (18), 184502, 2021
Nonlinear photoconductivities and quantum geometry of chiral multifold fermions
HC Hsu, JS You, J Ahn, GY Guo
Physical Review B 107 (15), 155434, 2023
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