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Paul Toliver
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Optical networking for quantum key distribution and quantum communications
TE Chapuran, P Toliver, NA Peters, J Jackel, MS Goodman, RJ Runser, ...
New Journal of Physics 11 (10), 105001, 2009
Dense wavelength multiplexing of 1550 nm QKD with strong classical channels in reconfigurable networking environments
NA Peters, P Toliver, TE Chapuran, RJ Runser, SR McNown, ...
New Journal of physics 11 (4), 045012, 2009
GHz-bandwidth optical filters based on high-order silicon ring resonators
P Dong, NN Feng, D Feng, W Qian, H Liang, DC Lee, BJ Luff, T Banwell, ...
Optics express 18 (23), 23784-23789, 2010
Fully programmable ring-resonator-based integrated photonic circuit for phase coherent applications
A Agarwal, P Toliver, R Menendez, S Etemad, J Jackel, J Young, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 24 (1), 77, 2006
Spectrally efficient optical CDMA using coherent phase-frequency coding
S Etemad, P Toliver, R Menendez, J Young, T Banwell, S Galli, J Jackel, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 17 (4), 929-931, 2005
Experimental investigation of quantum key distribution through transparent optical switch elements
P Toliver, RJ Runser, TE Chapuran, JL Jackel, TC Banwell, MS Goodman, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 15 (11), 1669-1671, 2003
Comparison of three nonlinear interferometric optical switch geometries
P Toliver, RJ Runser, I Glesk, PR Prucnal
Optics communications 175 (4-6), 365-373, 2000
Routing of 100 Gb/s words in a packet-switched optical networking demonstration (POND) node
YY Ben
Journal of Lightwave Technology 16 (12), 2169, 1998
Network applications of cascaded passive code translation for WDM-compatible spectrally phase-encoded optical CDMA
RC Menendez, P Toliver, S Galli, A Agarwal, T Banwell, J Jackel, J Young, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 23 (10), 3219, 2005
Predistortion compensation of nonlinearities in channelized RF photonic links using a dual-port optical modulator
A Agarwal, T Banwell, P Toliver, TK Woodward
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 23 (1), 24-26, 2010
Experimental characterization of the separation between wavelength-multiplexed quantum and classical communication channels
NI Nweke, P Toliver, RJ Runser, SR McNown, JB Khurgin, TE Chapuran, ...
Applied Physics Letters 87 (17), 2005
Automatic identification of impairments using support vector machine pattern classification on eye diagrams
RA Skoog, TC Banwell, JW Gannett, SF Habiby, M Pang, ME Rauch, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 18 (22), 2398-2400, 2006
Polarization envelope modulation for signaling and labeling in optical networks
P Toliver
US Patent 7,920,790, 2011
System and method for OCDMA-based photonic layer security robustness to archival attack
S Etemad, T Banwell, J Jackel, R Menendez, P Toliver
US Patent 8,488,967, 2013
Optical-CDMA incorporating phase coding of coherent frequency bins: concept, simulation, experiment
S Etemad, T Banwell, S Galli, J Jackel, R Menendez, P Toliver, J Young, ...
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, FG5, 2004
Progress toward quantum communications networks: opportunities and challenges
RJ Runser, T Chapuran, P Toliver, NA Peters, MS Goodman, JT Kosloski, ...
Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits IX 6476, 147-161, 2007
Simultaneous optical compression and decompression of 100-Gb/s OTDM packets using a single bidirectional optical delay line lattice
P Toliver, KL Deng, I Glesk, PR Prucnal
Photonics in Switching, 38, 1999
Demonstration of a highly scalable 100-Gbps OTDM computer interconnect with rapid inter-channel switching capability
KL Deng, RJ Runser, P Toliver, C Coldwell, D Zhou, I Glesk, PR Prucnal
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, ThM2, 1999
Thermally-efficient reconfigurable narrowband RF-photonic filter
NN Feng, P Dong, D Feng, W Qian, H Liang, DC Lee, JB Luff, A Agarwal, ...
Optics express 18 (24), 24648-24653, 2010
Experimental results on the simultaneous transmission of two 2.5 Gbps optical-CDMA channels and a 10 Gbps OOK channel within the same WDM window
S Galli, R Menendez, P Toliver, T Banwell, J Jackel, J Young, S Etemad
OFC/NFOEC Technical Digest. Optical Fiber Communication Conference, 2005. 3 …, 2005
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