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High pressure processing (HPP) of aronia berry purée: Effects on physicochemical properties, microbial counts, bioactive compounds, and antioxidant capacities
B Yuan, MGC Danao, JE Stratton, SA Weier, CL Weller, M Lu
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 47, 249-255, 2018
Diffusion and production of carbon dioxide in bulk corn at various temperatures and moisture content
H Huang, MG Danao, K Rausch, V Singh
2013 Kansas City, Missouri, July 21-July 24, 2013, 1, 2013
Effect of water activity on the thermal inactivation kinetics of Salmonella in milk powders
X Wei, SK Lau, BD Chaves, MGC Danao, S Agarwal, J Subbiah
Journal of Dairy Science 103 (8), 6904-6917, 2020
Development of a grain monitoring probe to measure temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide levels and logistical information during handling and transportation of soybeans
MGC Danao, RS Zandonadi, RS Gates
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 119, 74-82, 2015
Determining sucrose and glucose levels in dual‐purpose sorghum stalks by Fourier transform near infrared (FT‐NIR) spectroscopy
SF Chen, MGC Danao, V Singh, PJ Brown
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 94 (12), 2569-2576, 2014
Measurement of combine losses for corn and soybeans in Brazil
MR Paulsen, FAC Pinto, DG de Sena Jr, RS Zandonadi, S Ruffato, ...
Applied Engineering in Agriculture 30 (6), 841-855, 2014
High pressure processing (HPP) of aronia berry puree: Pilot scale processing and a shelf-life study
B Yuan, MGC Danao, M Lu, SA Weier, JE Stratton, CL Weller
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 47, 241-248, 2018
Prediction of starch content and ethanol yields of sorghum grain using near infrared spectroscopy
J Li, MGC Danao, SF Chen, S Li, V Singh, PJ Brown
Journal of near infrared spectroscopy 23 (2), 85-92, 2015
Use of a handheld near infrared spectrometer and partial least squares regression to quantify metanil yellow adulteration in turmeric powder
IR Rukundo, MGC Danao, CL Weller, RL Wehling, KM Eskridge
Journal of near infrared spectroscopy 28 (2), 81-92, 2020
Effect of harvest moisture content on selected yellow dent corn: Dry‐grind fermentation characteristics and DDGS composition
H Huang, W Liu, V Singh, MGC Danao, SR Eckhoff
Cereal chemistry 89 (4), 217-221, 2012
Changes in unreacted starch content in corn during storage
BM Plumier, MGC Danao, KD Rausch, V Singh
Journal of Stored Products Research 61, 85-89, 2015
Comparison of hermetic storage of wheat with traditional storage methods in India
P Somavat, H Huang, S Kumar, MK Garg, MGC Danao, V Singh, ...
Applied engineering in agriculture 33 (1), 121, 2017
Gaseous chlorine dioxide technology for improving microbial safety of spices
X Wei, T Verma, MGC Danao, MA Ponder, J Subbiah
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 73, 102783, 2021
Analysis and prediction of unreacted starch content in corn using FT-NIR spectroscopy
BM Plumier, MGC Danao, V Singh, KD Rausch
Transactions of the ASABE 56 (5), 1877-1884, 2013
Effects of high-pressure processing on cooked color and eating qualities of dark-cutting beef
C Reesman, G Sullivan, MG Danao, GG Mafi, M Pfeiffer, R Ramanathan
Applied Food Research 3 (1), 100260, 2023
Identifying turmeric powder by source and metanil yellow adulteration levels using near-infrared spectra and PCA-SIMCA modeling
IR Rukundo, MGC Danao
Journal of food protection 83 (6), 968-974, 2020
Effect of harvest date on yield, composition, and nutritive value of corn stover and DDGS
H Huang, DB Faulkner, V Singh, MC Danao, SR Eckhoff
Transactions of the ASABE 55 (5), 1859-1864, 2012
Modeling of the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of switchgrass
C Godbolt, MGC Danao, SR Eckhoff
Transactions of the ASABE 56 (4), 1495-1501, 2013
Comparing the use of handheld and benchtop NIR spectrometers in predicting nutritional value of forage
IR Rukundo, MGC Danao, RB Mitchell, SD Masterson, CL Weller
Applied Engineering in Agriculture 37 (1), 171-181, 2021
Anthocyanin determination in different corn hybrids using near infrared spectroscopy
AA Mangalvedhe, MC Danao, M Paulsmeyer, KD Rausch, V Singh, ...
ASABE Annual International Meeting. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Paper No …, 2015
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