Tuncay Ozel
Tuncay Ozel
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
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Citat de
Citat de
White light generation using CdSe/ZnS core–shell nanocrystals hybridized with InGaN/GaN light emitting diodes
S Nizamoglu, T Ozel, E Sari, HV Demir
Nanotechnology 18 (6), 065709, 2007
Design of template-stabilized active and earth-abundant oxygen evolution catalysts in acid
M Huynh, T Ozel, C Liu, EC Lau, DG Nocera
Chemical science 8 (7), 4779-4794, 2017
Interplay of Homogeneous Reactions, Mass Transport, and Kinetics in Determining Selectivity of the Reduction of CO2 on Gold Electrodes
BA Zhang, T Ozel, JS Elias, C Costentin, DG Nocera
ACS Central Science 5 (6), 1097-1105, 2019
Coaxial lithography
T Ozel, GR Bourret, CA Mirkin
Nature Nanotechnology 10, 319-324, 2015
Observation of selective plasmon-exciton coupling in nonradiative energy transfer: donor-selective versus acceptor-selective plexcitons
T Ozel, PL Hernandez-Martinez, E Mutlugun, O Akin, S Nizamoglu, ...
Nano letters 13 (7), 3065-3072, 2013
Dual-color emitting quantum-dot-quantum-well CdSe-ZnS heteronanocrystals hybridized on InGaN∕ GaN light emitting diodes for high-quality white light generation
S Nizamoglu, E Mutlugun, T Özel, HV Demir, S Sapra, N Gaponik, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (11), 2008
Chemically isolating hot spots on concave nanocubes
M Rycenga, MR Langille, ML Personick, T Ozel, CA Mirkin
Nano letters 12 (12), 6218-6222, 2012
Anisotropic emission from multilayered plasmon resonator nanocomposites of isotropic semiconductor quantum dots
T Ozel, S Nizamoglu, MA Sefunc, O Samarskaya, IO Ozel, E Mutlugun, ...
ACS nano 5 (2), 1328-1334, 2011
On the origin of high quality white light emission from a hybrid organic/inorganic light emitting diode using azide functionalized polyfluorene
IO Huyal, U Koldemir, T Ozel, HV Demir, D Tuncel
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (30), 3568-3574, 2008
Tuning shades of white light with multi-color quantum-dot–quantum-well emitters based on onion-like CdSe–ZnS heteronanocrystals
HV Demir, S Nizamoglu, E Mutlugun, T Ozel, S Sapra, N Gaponik, ...
Nanotechnology 19 (33), 335203, 2008
Electrochemical deposition of conformal and functional layers on high aspect ratio silicon micro/nanowires
T Ozel, BA Zhang, R Gao, RW Day, CM Lieber, DG Nocera
Nano letters 17 (7), 4502-4507, 2017
Systematic study of antibonding modes in gold nanorod dimers and trimers
KD Osberg, N Harris, T Ozel, JC Ku, GC Schatz, CA Mirkin
Nano letters 14 (12), 6949-6954, 2014
Structural tuning of color chromaticity through nonradiative energy transfer by interspacing CdTe nanocrystal monolayers
N Cicek, S Nizamoglu, T Ozel, E Mutlugun, DU Karatay, V Lesnyak, T Otto, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (6), 2009
Blue quantum electroabsorption modulators based on reversed quantum confined Stark effect with blueshift
E Sari, S Nizamoglu, T Ozel, HV Demir
Applied Physics Letters 90 (1), 2007
White light generation tuned by dual hybridization of nanocrystals and conjugated polymers
HV Demir, S Nizamoglu, T Ozel, E Mutlugun, IO Huyal, E Sari, E Holder, ...
New Journal of Physics 9 (10), 362, 2007
Selective enhancement of surface-state emission and simultaneous quenching of interband transition in white-luminophor CdS nanocrystals using localized plasmon coupling
T Ozel, IM Soganci, S Nizamoglu, IO Huyal, E Mutlugun, S Sapra, ...
New Journal of Physics 10 (8), 083035, 2008
Peptide-mediated constructs of quantum dot nanocomposites for enzymatic control of nonradiative energy transfer
UOS Seker, T Ozel, HV Demir
Nano letters 11 (4), 1530-1539, 2011
Hybrid semiconductor core-shell nanowires with tunable plasmonic nanoantennas
T Ozel, GR Bourret, AL Schmucker, KA Brown, CA Mirkin
Advanced Materials 25 (32), 4515-4520, 2013
Non-radiative resonance energy transfer in bi-polymer nanoparticles of fluorescent conjugated polymers
IO Ozel, T Ozel, HV Demir, D Tuncel
Optics Express 18 (2), 670-684, 2010
Long-range plasmophore rulers
GR Bourret, T Ozel, M Blaber, CM Shade, GC Schatz, CA Mirkin
Nano letters 13 (5), 2270-2275, 2013
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