Karthik Rajendran
Karthik Rajendran
Associate Professor and Head (Env. Sci.) at SRM University-AP
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Household biogas digesters—A review
K Rajendran, S Aslanzadeh, MJ Taherzadeh
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Biofuel policy in India: a review of policy barriers in sustainable marketing of biofuel
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Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 111, 115-131, 2019
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T Mathimani, A Baldinelli, K Rajendran, D Prabakar, M Matheswaran, ...
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Advanced biohydrogen production using pretreated industrial waste: outlook and prospects
D Prabakar, VT Manimudi, S Sampath, DM Mahapatra, K Rajendran, ...
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Advancing anaerobic digestion through two-stage processes: Current developments and future trends
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How to optimise photosynthetic biogas upgrading: a perspective on system design and microalgae selection
A Bose, R Lin, K Rajendran, R O'Shea, A Xia, JD Murphy
Biotechnology advances 37 (8), 107444, 2019
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