Albu Lucian-Liviu
Albu Lucian-Liviu
Professor of Economics, Institute for Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy
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The impact of the economic crisis on the situation of women and men and on gender equality policies
EUEGG Employment
European Commission, 2012
The informal economy in the EU Accession Countries: size, scope, trends and challenges in the process of EU enlargement
B Belev
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Can Bitcoin hedge the risks of geopolitical events?
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Does digital finance promote the green innovation of China's listed companies?
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The impact of biofuels utilisation in transport on the sustainable development in the European Union
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Estimates of dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic and of its impact on the economy
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Trends in the Interest rate-investment-GDP growth relationship
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The PEPPER III report : Promotion of Employee Participation in Profits and Enterprise Results in the New Member and Candidate Countries of the European Union
J Lowitzsch, I Hashi
Estimating the size of underground economy in Romania
LL Albu
Working Papers of Institute for Economic Forecasting, 26, 2004
The REFINEMENT Glossary of Terms: An International Terminology for Mental Health Systems Assessment
Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services …, 2018
A model to evaluate the regional competitiveness of the EU regions
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Resource extraction, greenhouse emissions, and banking performance
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A Model To Estimate Spatial Distribution Of Informal Economy
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Estimating the impact of quantitative easing on credit risk through an ARMA-GARCH model
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The convergence process in the EU estimated by Gini coefficients
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Foreign Trade and FDI as Main Factors of Growth in the EU
LL Albu
Journal for Economic Forecasting 2013 (2), 7-17, 2013
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