Elham Karimi
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Neutrophil oxidative stress mediates obesity-associated vascular dysfunction and metastatic transmigration
SAC McDowell, RBE Luo, A Arabzadeh, S Doré, NC Bennett, V Breton, ...
Nature Cancer 2 (5), 545-562, 2021
Single-cell spatial immune landscapes of primary and metastatic brain tumours
E Karimi, MW Yu, SM Maritan, LJM Perus, M Rezanejad, M Sorin, ...
Nature 614 (7948), 555-563, 2023
Single-cell spatial landscapes of the lung tumour immune microenvironment
M Sorin, M Rezanejad, E Karimi, B Fiset, L Desharnais, LJM Perus, ...
Nature 614 (7948), 548-554, 2023
Fully-automated tongue detection in ultrasound images
E Karimi, L Ménard, C Laporte
Computers in biology and medicine 111, 103335, 2019
Fully-automated tongue detection in ultrasound images
E Karimi
École de technologie supérieure, 2018
Fully-automated tongue detection in ultrasound images
E Karimi, L Menard, C Laporte
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 144 (3), 1905-1906, 2018
Automatic tongue surface extraction from 3D ultrasound vocal tract images
E M. V. Naga Karthik, E Karimi, S Lulich, C Laporte
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 147 (3), 1623-1633, 2020
CD103+ regulatory T cells underlie resistance to radio-immunotherapy and impair CD8+ T cell activation in glioblastoma
L van Hooren, SM Handgraaf, DJ Kloosterman, E Karimi, LWHG van Mil, ...
Nature Cancer, 1-17, 2023
Single-cell spatial landscape of immunotherapy response reveals mechanisms of CXCL13 enhanced antitumor immunity
M Sorin, E Karimi, M Rezanejad, WY Miranda, L Desharnais, ...
Journal for Immunotherapy of Cancer 11 (2), 2023
Machine learning meets classical computer vision for accurate cell identification
E Karimi, M Rezanejad, B Fiset, L Perus, SAC McDowell, A Arabzadeh, ...
bioRxiv, 2022.02. 27.482183, 2022
Agent-Based Modelling Reveals the Role of the Tumor Microenvironment on the Short-Term Success of Combination Temozolomide/Immune Checkpoint Blockade to Treat Glioblastoma
A Surendran, AL Jenner, E Karimi, B Fiset, DF Quail, LA Walsh, M Craig
Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 387 (1), 66-77, 2023
Automatic palate delineation in ultrasound videos
G Faucher, E Karimi, L Ménard, C Laporte
International Congress of Phonetic Sciences ICPhS 2019, 2019
23P Identification of HPSE as potential novel therapeutic target for lung adenocarcinoma patients
S Doré, SA McDowell, B Fiset, A Arabzadeh, V Breton, L Desharnais, ...
ESMO Open 8 (1), 2023
87P Macrophage ontogeny underlies functional programs and drives brain tumor progression
MW Yu, L Wilson, S Doré, L Desharnais, S Maritan, E Karimi, D Zuo, ...
ESMO Open 8 (1), 2023
81P Single-cell spatial landscape of NSCLC reveals subtype specific immune features
M Sorin, L Desharnais, E Karimi, B Liu, M Rezanejad, A Swaby, A Atallah, ...
ESMO Open 8 (1), 2023
Minimally invasive brain metastases are characterized by elevated immune cell infiltrate
SM Maritan, E Karimi, M Dankner, MW Yu, A Hernandez-Corchado, ...
Cancer Research 83 (7_Supplement), 69-69, 2023
Average Outward Flux Skeletons for Environment Mapping and Topology Matching
M Rezanejad, B Samari, E Karimi, I Rekleitis, G Dudek, K Siddiqi
arXiv preprint arXiv:2111.13826, 2021
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