Bonnie A. Lyon Marion
Bonnie A. Lyon Marion
Technology Lead - FTD Solutions
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The effect of inorganic precursors on disinfection byproduct formation during UV-chlorine/chloramine drinking water treatment
BA Lyon, AD Dotson, KG Linden, HS Weinberg
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Changes in dissolved organic matter fluorescence and disinfection byproduct formation from UV and subsequent chlorination/chloramination
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In Situ Remediation Method for Enhanced Sorption of Perfluoro-Alkyl Substances onto Ottawa Sand
YH Aly, C Liu, DP McInnis, BA Lyon, J Hatton, M McCarty, WA Arnold, ...
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High temperature stability and low adsorption of sub-100nm magnetite nanoparticles grafted with sulfonated copolymers on Berea sandstone in high salinity brine
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Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 520, 257-267, 2017
Remediation of heavy hydrocarbon impacted soil using biopolymer and polystyrene foam beads
N Wilton, BA Lyon-Marion, R Kamath, K McVey, KD Pennell, A Robbat Jr
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AA Kmetz, MD Becker, BA Lyon, E Foster, Z Xue, KP Johnston, LM Abriola, ...
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Simulation of magnetite nanoparticle mobility in a heterogeneous flow cell
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Influence of a polymer sunscreen additive on the transport and retention of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in water-saturated porous media
J Englehart, BA Lyon, MD Becker, Y Wang, LM Abriola, KD Pennell
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Development and Validation of a Two-Stage Kinetic Sorption Model for Polymer and Surfactant Transport in Porous Media
H Mohammadnejad, S Liao, BA Marion, KD Pennell, LM Abriola
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Impact of chlorination on silver elution from ceramic water filters
BA Lyon-Marion, AM Mittelman, J Rayner, DS Lantagne, KD Pennell
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Organic matter removal and disinfection by product management in South East Queensland's drinking water
BA Lyon, MJ Farré, GA De Vera, J Keller, A Roux, HS Weinberg, ...
Water Science & Technology: Water Supply 14 (4), 681-689, 2014
Polyelectrolyte coated individual silica nanoparticles dispersed in concentrated divalent brine at elevated temperatures for subsurface energy applications
EE Ureña-Benavides, E Moaseri, B Changalvaie, Y Fei, M Iqbal, BA Lyon, ...
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KG Linden, AD Dotson, HS Weinberg, BA Lyon, WA Mitch, AD Shah
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Assessing Adsorbable Organic Halogen Formation and Precursor Removal during Drinking Water Production
M José Farré, B Lyon, GA de Vera, D Stalter, W Gernjak
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Noncovalent grafting of polyelectrolytes onto hydrophobic polymer colloids with a swelling agent
J Lee, G Beniah, CB Dandamudi, JJ Han, BA Lyon, CA Norton, ...
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Development and experimental evaluation of a mathematical model to predict polymer-enhanced nanoparticle mobility in heterogeneous formations
H Mohammadnejad, BA Marion, AA Kmetz, KP Johnson, KD Pennell, ...
Environmental Science: Nano 8 (2), 470-484, 2021
Fate of disinfection by-products & their precursors across reverse osmosis membranes when producing high quality recycled water
MJ Farré, HS Weinberg, BA Lyon, Y Poussade, J Keller, W Gernjak
Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition, WQTC 2010, 2010
Impact of UV treatment on disinfection byproduct precursors and subsequent byproduct formation from chlorine and chloramine
BA Lyon
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012
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