Calin Vamos
Calin Vamos
Tiberiu Popoviciu Institute of Numerical Analysis, Romanian Academy
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Citat de
Citat de
Generalized random walk algorithm for the numerical modeling of complex diffusion processes
C Vamoș, N Suciu, H Vereecken
Journal of Computational Physics 186 (2), 527-544, 2003
Numerical investigations on ergodicity of solute transport in heterogeneous aquifers
N Suciu, C Vamoș, J Vanderborght, H Hardelauf, H Vereecken
Water resources research 42 (4), 2006
Detrended fluctuation analysis of autoregressive processes
VV Morariu, L Buimaga-Iarinca, C Vamoș, ȘM Șoltuz
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R Gouet Bañares, FJ López, G Sanz
Springer, 2012
On the self-averaging of dispersion for transport in quasi-periodic random media
JP Eberhard, N Suciu, C Vamoș
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 40 (4), 597, 2007
Evaluation of the first‐order approximations for transport in heterogeneous media
N Suciu, C Vamoș, J Eberhard
Water resources research 42 (11), 2006
Automatic algorithm for monotone trend removal
C Vamoș
Physical Review E 75 (3), 036705, 2007
Persistent memory of diffusing particles
N Suciu, C Vamoș, FA Radu, H Vereecken, P Knabner
Physical Review E 80 (6), 061134, 2009
Memory effects induced by dependence on initial conditions and ergodicity of transport in heterogeneous media
N Suciu, C Vamoș, H Vereecken, K Sabelfeld, P Knabner
Water resources research 44 (8), 2008
Hydrodynamic equations for one-dimensional systems of inelastic particles
C Vamos, N Suciu, A Georgescu
Physical Review E 55 (5), 6277, 1997
Separation of components from a scale mixture of Gaussian white noises
C Vamoș, M Crăciun
Physical Review E 81 (5), 051125, 2010
Modelarea numerica a solidificarii
V Soporan, C Vamoș, C Pavai
Dacia, 2003
Balance equations for physical systems with corpuscular structure
C Vamos, A Georgescu, N Suciu, I Turcu
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 227 (1-2), 81-92, 1996
Comment on “Nonstationary flow and nonergodic transport in random porous media” by G. Darvini and P. Salandin
N Suciu, C Vamos
Water Resour. Res 43, W12601, 2007
Derivation of one-dimensional hydrodynamic model for stock price evolution
C Vamoș, N Suciu, W Blaj
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 287 (3-4), 461-467, 2000
Biperiodic orbital period modulation of the W UMa binary system CK Bootis
A Pop, C Vamoș
New Astronomy 17 (7), 667-672, 2012
Deterministic components in the light curve amplitude of Y Oph
A Pop, C Vamoș, V Turcu
The Astronomical Journal 139 (2), 425, 2010
Numerical modeling of large scale transport of contminant solutes using the global random walk algorithm
N Suciu, C Vamos, H Hardelauf, J Vanderborght, H Vereecken
Monte Carlo Methods Appl. 10 (2), 153-177, 2004
Order 1 autoregressive process of finite length
C Vamos, SM Soltuz, M Craciun
arXiv preprint arXiv:0709.2963, 2007
Evaluation of overshooting errors in particle methods for diffusion by biased global random walk
N Suciu, C Vamoș
Revue d'analyse numérique et de théorie de l'approximation 35 (1), 119-126, 2006
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