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Puncturing for structured low density parity check (LDPC) codes
S Kudekar, SY Park, A Manolakos, KK Mukkavilli, V Loncke, JB Soriaga, ...
US Patent 10,784,901, 2020
Frequency and time domain multiplexing for low peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) waveform design with multiple streams
S Park, S Akkarakaran, W Zeng, P Gaal, Y Huang, R Wang, H Xu, T Luo, ...
US Patent 10,567,205, 2020
The finite-dimensional Witsenhausen counterexample
P Grover, A Sahai, SY Park
2009 7th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad …, 2009
Approximately optimal solutions to the finite-dimensional Witsenhausen counterexample
P Grover, SY Park, A Sahai
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 58 (9), 2189-2204, 2013
Intermittent Kalman filtering: Eigenvalue cycles and nonuniform sampling
SY Park, A Sahai
Proceedings of the 2011 American Control Conference, 3692-3697, 2011
Uplink acknowledgment mapping and resource allocation
S Akkarakaran, R Wang, Y Huang, T Luo, J Montojo, S Park, P Gaal
US Patent 11,139,941, 2021
Opportunistic uplink transmission
Y Huang, H Xu, W Chen, R Wang, JB Soriaga, P Gaal, S Park
US Patent 10,638,501, 2020
Non-equal bit allocation for coexistence with scaled numerology systems
S Park, J Jiang, H Xu, L Zhao, A Manolakos, J Namgoong, W Zeng, ...
US Patent 10,200,994, 2019
Adaptive resource management for robust communication in new radio
A Manolakos, J Jiang, S Park, H Xu, W Chen, W Zeng, P Gaal, JI Tingfang
US Patent 10,375,718, 2019
Power headroom report for lte-nr co-existence
Y Huang, W Chen, S Hosseini, P Gaal, R Wang, S Park
US Patent App. 16/047,764, 2019
Flexible guard band for heterogeneous symbol lengths/subcarrier spacing
S Park, H Xu, W Zeng, J Jiang, JB Soriaga, P Gaal, JI Tingfang
US Patent 10,419,171, 2019
Frequency hopping in an uplink control channel
Y Huang, W Chen, J Montojo, P Gaal, T Luo, R Wang, S Park
US Patent 11,057,871, 2021
Power control design for non-orthogonal multiple access
J Lei, JI Tingfang, P Gaal, XF Wang, JB Soriaga, S Park, G Sarkis, ...
US Patent 11,259,252, 2022
Techniques and apparatuses for configuring transmission of corresponding uplink control information in new radio
Y Huang, W Zeng, H Xu, R Wang, W Chen, S Park
US Patent 10,182,424, 2019
Linear function computation in networks: Duality and constant gap results
J Zhan, SY Park, M Gastpar, A Sahai
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 31 (4), 620-638, 2013
Uplink control channel resource definition and mapping to user equipment
Y Huang, J Montojo, P Gaal, W Chen, T Luo, S Park, R Wang
US Patent 11,445,483, 2022
Fallback procedures for two-step random access procedures
J Lei, L He, HD Ly, S Park, N Bhushan, Y Wang, W Chen, JB Soriaga
US Patent 11,432,324, 2022
Techniques for supporting co-existence between 2-step random access and 4-step random access
J Lei, L He, JB Soriaga, W Chen, P Gaal, HD Ly, JI Tingfang, S Park
US Patent App. 16/790,683, 2020
Multiple access signatures for non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) wireless communications
J Lei, G Sarkis, JB Soriaga, W Chen, S Park, Y Wang, N Bhushan
US Patent 11,089,598, 2021
A constant-factor approximately optimal solution to the witsenhausen counterexample
SY Park, P Grover, A Sahai
Proceedings of the 48h IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) held …, 2009
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