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Spatio-temporal changes of the climatic water balance in Romania as a response to precipitation and reference evapotranspiration trends during 1961–2013
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Thermal differentiations induced by the Carpathian Mountains on the Romanian territory
Spatial assessment of land sensitivity to degradation across Romania. A quantitative approach based on the modified MEDALUS methodology
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Shifts in climate suitability for wine production as a result of climate change in a temperate climate wine region of Romania
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Extreme temperature and precipitation events in Romania
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The impact of climate change on agricultural productivity in Romania. A country-scale assessment based on the relationship between climatic water balance and maize yields in …
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The extent and intensity of the urban heat island in Iași city, Romania
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Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) population during winter season in North-Eastern Romania: the influences of density, habitat selection, and weather
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The distribution of the monthly 24-hour maximum amount of precipitation in Romania according to their synoptic causes
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Wind erosion on arable lands, associated with extreme blizzard conditions within the hilly area of Eastern Romania
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Structural changes in the Romanian economy reflected through Corine Land Cover Datasets
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Frequency of thermal inversions between Siret and Prut rivers in 2013
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Possible effects of atmospheric teleconnections and solar variability on tropospheric and stratospheric temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere
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Tropospheric dust and associated atmospheric circulations over the mediterranean region with focus on Romania’s Territory
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Solar signal on regional scale: a study of possible solar impact upon Romania's climate
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Cloud cover changes driven by atmospheric circulation in Europe during the last decades
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The influence of solar activity on action centres of atmospheric circulation in North Atlantic
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Weather conditions (with focus on UV radiation) associated with COVID-19 outbreak and worldwide climate-based prediction for future prevention
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Aerosol and Air Quality Research 20 (2020), 4, 2020
Changes in cyclone intensity over Romania according to 12 tracking methods
IA Nita, L Sfîcă, L Apostol, C Radu, MV Birsan, R Szep, A Keresztesi
Rom. Rep. Phys 72, 706, 2020
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