Alexandre Goldsztejn
Alexandre Goldsztejn
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Sensitivity analysis of parallel manipulators using an interval linearization method
M Tannous, S Caro, A Goldsztejn
Mechanism and Machine Theory 71, 93-114, 2014
A right-preconditioning process for the formal–algebraic approach to inner and outer estimation of ae-solution sets
A Goldsztejn
Reliable Computing 11 (6), 443-478, 2005
Modal Intervals Revisited Part 2: A Generalized Interval Mean-Value Extension
A Goldsztejn
Inner and outer approximations of existentially quantified equality constraints
A Goldsztejn, L Jaulin
International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint …, 2006
Certified parallelotope continuation for one-manifolds
B Martin, A Goldsztejn, L Granvilliers, C Jermann
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 51 (6), 3373-3401, 2013
A branch and prune algorithm for the approximation of non-linear AE-solution sets
A Goldsztejn
Proceedings of the 2006 ACM symposium on Applied computing, 1650-1654, 2006
Inner approximation of the range of vector-valued functions
A Goldsztejn, L Jaulin
Reliable Computing, 1-23, 2010
Modal intervals revisited part 1: A generalized interval natural extension
A Goldsztejn
Topology optimization of industrial robots: Application to a five-bar mechanism
S Briot, A Goldsztejn
Mechanism and Machine Theory 120, 30-56, 2018
On continuation methods for non-linear bi-objective optimization: towards a certified interval-based approach
B Martin, A Goldsztejn, L Granvilliers, C Jermann
Journal of Global Optimization 64 (1), 3-16, 2016
Tinkerbell is chaotic
A Goldsztejn, W Hayes, P Collins
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 10 (4), 1480-1501, 2011
A branch and prune algorithm for the computation of generalized aspects of parallel robots
S Caro, D Chablat, A Goldsztejn, D Ishii, C Jermann
Artificial Intelligence 211, 34-50, 2014
On the exponentiation of interval matrices
A Goldsztejn, A Neumaier
Reliable Computing electronic edition 20, 53-72, 2014
Interval-based projection method for under-constrained numerical systems
D Ishii, A Goldsztejn, C Jermann
Constraints 17 (4), 432-460, 2012
Efficient handling of universally quantified inequalities
A Goldsztejn, C Michel, M Rueher
Constraints 14 (1), 117-135, 2009
A new framework for sharp and efficient resolution of NCSP with manifolds of solutions
A Goldsztejn, L Granvilliers
Constraints 15 (2), 190-212, 2010
The reach-and-evolve algorithm for reachability analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems
P Collins, A Goldsztejn
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 223, 87-102, 2008
A generalized interval LU decomposition for the solution of interval linear systems
A Goldsztejn, G Chabert
International Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications, 312-319, 2006
A three-step methodology for dimensional tolerance synthesis of parallel manipulators
A Goldsztejn, S Caro, G Chabert
Mechanism and Machine Theory 105, 213-234, 2016
Including ordinary differential equations based constraints in the standard CP framework
A Goldsztejn, O Mullier, D Eveillard, H Hosobe
International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint …, 2010
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