Zhi-Kang Lin
Zhi-Kang Lin
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Second-order topology and multidimensional topological transitions in sonic crystals
X Zhang, HX Wang, ZK Lin, Y Tian, B Xie, MH Lu, YF Chen, JH Jiang
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Bulk–disclination correspondence in topological crystalline insulators
Y Liu, S Leung, FF Li, ZK Lin, X Tao, Y Poo, JH Jiang
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Higher-order Weyl semimetals
HX Wang, ZK Lin, B Jiang, GY Guo, JH Jiang
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Observation of a phononic higher-order Weyl semimetal
L Luo, HX Wang, ZK Lin, B Jiang, Y Wu, F Li, JH Jiang
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Experimental observation of non-Abelian topological acoustic semimetals and their phase transitions
B Jiang, A Bouhon, ZK Lin, X Zhou, B Hou, F Li, RJ Slager, JH Jiang
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Higher‐order topological states in surface‐wave photonic crystals
L Zhang, Y Yang, ZK Lin, P Qin, Q Chen, F Gao, E Li, JH Jiang, B Zhang, ...
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Symmetry-protected hierarchy of anomalous multipole topological band gaps in nonsymmorphic metacrystals
X Zhang, ZK Lin, HX Wang, Z Xiong, Y Tian, MH Lu, YF Chen, JH Jiang
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Diffusion metamaterials
Z Zhang, L Xu, T Qu, M Lei, ZK Lin, X Ouyang, JH Jiang, J Huang
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Twisted quadrupole topological photonic crystals
X Zhou, ZK Lin, W Lu, Y Lai, B Hou, JH Jiang
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Plasmon-polaritonic quadrupole topological insulators
Y Chen, ZK Lin, H Chen, JH Jiang
Physical Review B 101 (4), 041109, 2020
Topological Wannier cycles induced by sub-unit-cell artificial gauge flux in a sonic crystal
ZK Lin, Y Wu, B Jiang, Y Liu, SQ Wu, F Li, JH Jiang
Nature Materials 21 (4), 430-437, 2022
On-chip higher-order topological micromechanical metamaterials
Y Wu, M Yan, ZK Lin, HX Wang, F Li, JH Jiang
Science Bulletin 66 (19), 1959-1966, 2021
Observation of acoustic skyrmions
H Ge, XY Xu, L Liu, R Xu, ZK Lin, SY Yu, M Bao, JH Jiang, MH Lu, ...
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S Zheng, X Man, ZL Kong, ZK Lin, G Duan, N Chen, D Yu, JH Jiang, B Xia
Science Bulletin 67 (20), 2069-2075, 2022
Topological phenomena at defects in acoustic, photonic and solid-state lattices
ZK Lin, Q Wang, Y Liu, H Xue, B Zhang, Y Chong, JH Jiang
Nature Reviews Physics 5 (8), 483-495, 2023
Anomalous quadrupole topological insulators in two-dimensional nonsymmorphic sonic crystals
ZK Lin, HX Wang, Z Xiong, MH Lu, JH Jiang
Physical Review B 102 (3), 035105, 2020
Corner states and topological transitions in two-dimensional higher-order topological sonic crystals with inversion symmetry
Z Xiong, ZK Lin, HX Wang, X Zhang, MH Lu, YF Chen, JH Jiang
Physical Review B 102 (12), 125144, 2020
Topological phononic metamaterials
W Zhu, W Deng, Y Liu, J Lu, HX Wang, ZK Lin, X Huang, JH Jiang, Z Liu
Reports on Progress in Physics, 2023
Hybrid topological photonic crystals
Y Wang, HX Wang, L Liang, W Zhu, L Fan, ZK Lin, F Li, X Zhang, PG Luan, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 4457, 2023
Observation of Topological -Orbital Disclination States in Non-Euclidean Acoustic Metamaterials
Y Chen, Y Yin, ZK Lin, ZH Zheng, Y Liu, J Li, JH Jiang, H Chen
Physical Review Letters 129 (15), 154301, 2022
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