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Ecological consequences of long-term browning in lakes
CE Williamson, EP Overholt, RM Pilla, TH Leach, JA Brentrup, LB Knoll, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 18666, 2015
Patterns and drivers of deep chlorophyll maxima structure in 100 lakes: The relative importance of light and thermal stratification
TH Leach, BE Beisner, CC Carey, P Pernica, KC Rose, Y Huot, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 63 (2), 628-646, 2018
Widespread diminishing anthropogenic effects on calcium in freshwaters
GA Weyhenmeyer, J Hartmann, DO Hessen, J Kopáček, J Hejzlar, ...
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 10450, 2019
rLakeAnalyzer: Lake physics tools
L Winslow, J Read, R Woolway, J Brentrup, T Leach, J Zwart, S Albers, ...
Zenodo. Available online: https://zenodo. org/record/1003169#. Ws82F9NubEY …, 2019
Sentinel responses to droughts, wildfires, and floods: effects of UV radiation on lakes and their ecosystem services
CE Williamson, EP Overholt, JA Brentrup, RM Pilla, TH Leach, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 14 (2), 102-109, 2016
Browning-related oxygen depletion in an oligotrophic lake
LB Knoll, CE Williamson, RM Pilla, TH Leach, JA Brentrup, TJ Fisher
Inland Waters 8 (3), 255-263, 2018
The potential of high-frequency profiling to assess vertical and seasonal patterns of phytoplankton dynamics in lakes: an extension of the Plankton Ecology Group (PEG) model
JA Brentrup, CE Williamson, W Colom-Montero, W Eckert, E de Eyto, ...
Inland Waters 6 (4), 565-580, 2016
Vertical redistribution of zooplankton in an oligotrophic lake associated with reduction in ultraviolet radiation by wildfire smoke
SS Urmy, CE Williamson, TH Leach, SG Schladow, EP Overholt, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 43 (8), 3746-3753, 2016
The role of ultraviolet radiation in the diel vertical migration of zooplankton: an experimental test of the transparency-regulator hypothesis
TH Leach, CE Williamson, N Theodore, JM Fischer, MH Olson
Journal of Plankton Research 37 (5), 886-896, 2015
Atmospheric stilling and warming air temperatures drive long‐term changes in lake stratification in a large oligotrophic lake
JT Stetler, S Girdner, J Mack, LA Winslow, TH Leach, KC Rose
Limnology and Oceanography 66 (3), 954-964, 2021
Decoupled trophic responses to long‐term recovery from acidification and associated browning in lakes
TH Leach, LA Winslow, NM Hayes, KC Rose
Global change biology 25 (5), 1779-1792, 2019
Global lake response to the recent warming hiatus
LA Winslow, TH Leach, KC Rose
Environmental Research Letters 13 (5), 054005, 2018
rLakeAnalyzer: Package for the analysis of lake physics
L Winslow, J Read, R Woolway, J Brentrup, T Leach, J Zwart
R package version 1 (6), 2015
Relative importance of top‐down vs. bottom‐up control of lake phytoplankton vertical distributions varies among fluorescence‐based spectral groups
ME Lofton, TH Leach, BE Beisner, CC Carey
Limnology and Oceanography 65 (10), 2485-2501, 2020
Package ‘rLakeAnalyzer’
L Winslow, J Read, R Woolway, J Brentrup, T Leach, J Zwart, S Albers, ...
Lake Physics Tools, 2019
Measuring the distribution, abundance, and biovolume of zooplankton in an oligotrophic freshwater lake with a 710 kHz scientific echosounder
JD Warren, TH Leach, CE Williamson
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 14 (4), 231-244, 2016
Quantifying pelagic phosphorus regeneration using three methods in lakes of varying productivity
LB Knoll, A Morgan, MJ Vanni, TH Leach, TJ Williamson, JA Brentrup
Inland Waters 6 (4), 509-522, 2016
Long-term dataset on aquatic responses to concurrent climate change and recovery from acidification
TH Leach, LA Winslow, FW Acker, JA Bloomfield, CW Boylen, ...
Scientific Data 5 (1), 1-12, 2018
rLakeAnalyzer: Package for the analysis of lake physics. R package version 1.4
L Winslow, J Read, R Woolway, J Bentrup, T Leach, J Zwart
Light exposure decreases infectivity of the Daphnia parasite Pasteuria ramosa
EP Overholt, MA Duffy, MP Meeks, TH Leach, CE Williamson
Journal of Plankton Research 42 (1), 41-44, 2020
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