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Kathy Hirsh-Pasek
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Putting education in “educational” apps: Lessons from the science of learning
K Hirsh-Pasek, JM Zosh, RM Golinkoff, JH Gray, MB Robb, J Kaufman
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A mandate for playful learning in preschool: Applying the scientific evidence
K Hirsh-Pasek
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GJ Hollich, K Hirsh-Pasek, RM Golinkoff, RJ Brand, E Brown, HL Chung, ...
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Play= Learning: How play motivates and enhances children's cognitive and social-emotional growth
DG Singer, RM Golinkoff, K Hirsh-Pasek
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NICHD Early Child Care Research Network
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K Hirsh-Pasek, LB Adamson, R Bakeman, MT Owen, RM Golinkoff, ...
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RM Golinkoff, K Hirsh-Pasek, KM Cauley, L Gordon
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Early object labels: the case for a developmental lexical principles framework [*]
RM Golinkoff, CB Mervis, K Hirsh-Pasek
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M Yogman, A Garner, J Hutchinson, K Hirsh-Pasek, RM Golinkoff, ...
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The origins of grammar: Evidence from early language comprehension
K Hirsh-Pasek, RM Golinkoff
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Perception of acoustic correlates of major phrasal units by young infants
PW Jusczyk, K Hirsh-Pasek, DGK Nelson, LJ Kennedy, A Woodward, ...
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Skype me! Socially contingent interactions help toddlers learn language
S Roseberry, K Hirsh‐Pasek, RM Golinkoff
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DGK Nelson, K Hirsh-Pasek, PW Jusczyk, KW Cassidy
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Guided play: Where curricular goals meet a playful pedagogy
DS Weisberg, K Hirsh‐Pasek, RM Golinkoff
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Speaking out for language: Why language is central to reading development
DK Dickinson, RM Golinkoff, K Hirsh-Pasek
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Brown & Hanlon revisited: Mothers' sensitivity to ungrammatical forms
K Hirsh-Pasek, R Treiman, M Schneiderman
Journal of child language 11 (1), 81-88, 1984
Einstein never used flash cards: How our children really learn--and why they need to play more and memorize less
K Hirsh-Pasek, RM Golinkoff, D Eyer
Rodale Books, 2004
Deconstructing building blocks: Preschoolers' spatial assembly performance relates to early mathematical skills
BN Verdine, RM Golinkoff, K Hirsh‐Pasek, NS Newcombe, AT Filipowicz, ...
Child development 85 (3), 1062-1076, 2014
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