Seyed Mehdi Hazrati Fard
Citat de
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A survey on heuristic malware detection techniques
Z Bazrafshan, H Hashemi, SMH Fard, A Hamzeh
The 5th Conference on Information and Knowledge Technology, 113-120, 2013
Using reinforcement learning to find an optimal set of features
SMH Fard, A Hamzeh, S Hashemi
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 66 (10), 1892-1904, 2013
A platform approach to smart farm information processing
M Amiri-Zarandi, M Hazrati Fard, S Yousefinaghani, M Kaviani, R Dara
Agriculture 12 (6), 838, 2022
Ensemble sparse representation-based cyber threat hunting for security of smart cities
SMH Fard, H Karimipour, A Dehghantanha, AN Jahromi, G Srivastava
Computers & Electrical Engineering 88, 106825, 2020
Proposing an HMM-based approach to detect metamorphic malware
M Gharacheh, V Derhami, S Hashemi, SMH Fard
2015 4th Iranian Joint Congress on Fuzzy and Intelligent Systems (CFIS), 1-5, 2015
Using machine learning for dynamic authentication in telehealth: A tutorial
M Hazratifard, F Gebali, M Mamun
Sensors 22 (19), 7655, 2022
Detection of metamorphic malware based on hmm: a hierarchical approach
M Gharacheh, V Derhami, S Hashemi, SMH Fard
International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications 8 (4), 18, 2016
Sparse representation using deep learning to classify multi-class complex data
SM Hazrati Fard, S Hashemi
Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Electrical …, 2019
Protecting farmers' data privacy and confidentiality: Recommendations and considerations
J Kaur, SMH Fard, M Amiri-Zarandi, R Dara
Frontiers Media SA, 2022
Proposing a sparse representational based face verification system to run in a shortage of memory
SM Hazrati Fard, S Hashemi
Multimedia Tools and Applications 79 (3-4), 2965-2985, 2020
Recommendations for ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence in digital agriculture
R Dara, SM Hazrati Fard, J Kaur
Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 5, 884192, 2022
Using ECG Signals in Siamese Networks for Authentication in Digital Healthcare Systems
P Behrouzi, B Shirkani, M Hazratifard
Journal ISSN 2766, 2276, 2022
PEDM: Pre-Ensemble Decision Making for Malware Identification and Web Files
E Velayati, SMH Fard
2020 6th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR), 33-37, 2020
Malware detection and identification using multi-view learning based on sparse representation
SM Hazrati Fard, E Velayati
International Journal of Web Research 2 (2), 45-53, 2019
Employing deep learning and sparse representation for data classification
SMH Fard, S Hashemi
2017 Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing Conference (AISP), 289-293, 2017
A Reinforcement Learning Based Method for Feature Selection on the Imbalanced Datasets
SMH Fard, A Hamzeh, S Hashemi
Frontiers in Health Informatics 2 (1), 5-10, 2013
A Decision Tree Based Method to Classify Persian Handwritten Numerals by Extracting Some Simple Geometrical Features
H Alvari, SMH Fard, B Salehi
International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering 5 (1), 118, 2013
A game theoretic framework for feature selection
SMH Fard, A Hamzeh, S Hashemi
2012 9th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery …, 2012
Proposing a reinforcement learning based approach for feature selection
SMH Fard, A Hamzeh, S Hashemi
The 16th CSI International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Signal …, 2012
Multiple hallucinated deep network for image quality assessment
Z Javidian, S Hashemi, SM Hazrati Fard
Scientia Iranica 30 (2), 492-505, 2023
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