Andrei-Mugur Georgescu
Andrei-Mugur Georgescu
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Estimation of the efficiency for variable speed pumps in EPANET compared with experimental data
AM Georgescu, CI Cosoiu, S Perju, SC Georgescu, L Hasegan, A Anton
Procedia Engineering 89, 1404-1411, 2014
Flow investigations in Achard turbine
S Bernad, A Georgescu, SC Georgescu, R Susan-Resiga, I Anton
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Numerical predictions of the flow around a profiled casing equipped with passive flow control devices
CI Coșoiu, AM Georgescu, M Degeratu, D Hlevca
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 114, 48-61, 2013
Chlorine concentration decay in the water distribution system of a town with 50000 inhabitants
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu
University" Politehnica" Of Bucharest Scientific Bulletin, Series D …, 2012
EPANET simulation of control methods for centrifugal pumps operating under variable system demand
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, CI Cosoiu, L Hasegan, A Anton, ...
Procedia Engineering 119, 1012-1019, 2015
Hidraulica rețelelor de conducte și mașini hidraulice
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu
Editura PRINTECH, București, 2007
COMSOL Multiphysics versus Fluent: 2D numerical simulation of the stationary flow around a blade of the Achard turbine
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, S Bernad, CI Coșoiu
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Vortex Dominated Flows 52 (66), 13-21, 2007
Numerical modelling comparison between airflow and water flow within the Achard-type turbine
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, M Degeratu, S Bernad, CI Cosoiu
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Numerical model of a district water distribution system in Bucharest
AM Georgescu, S Perju, SC Georgescu, A Anton
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Application of HBMOA to pumping stations scheduling for a water distribution network with multiple tanks
SC Georgescu, AM Georgescu
Procedia Engineering 70, 715-723, 2014
Experimental modelling of four steel tanks battery
C Iamandi, A Georgescu, C Erbasu
Proc. 11th International Conference on Wind Engineering,(T21), Lubbock …, 2003
Numerical model of a medium-sized municipal water distribution system located in Romania
SC Georgescu, AM Georgescu, RA Madularea, VF Piraianu, A Anton, ...
Procedia Engineering 119, 660-668, 2015
Pumping stations scheduling for a water supply system with multiple tanks
SC Georgescu, R Popa, AM Georgescu
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Efficiency of marine hydropower farms consisting of multiple vertical axis cross-flow turbines
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, CI Cosoiu, N Alboiu
International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 4 (1), 150-160, 2011
Numerical simulation of the cooling water system of a 115 MW Hydro-Power Plant
SC Georgescu, AM Georgescu, A Jumara, VF Piraianu, G Dunca
Energy Procedia 85, 228-234, 2016
Wind tunnel and numerical modeling of atmospheric boundary layer flow over Bolund Island
AC Vladut, CI Cosoiu, AM Georgescu, M Degeratu, RM Damian
Energy Procedia 85, 603-611, 2016
Velocity field in the wake of a hydropower farm equipped with Achard turbines
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, CI Cosoiu, N Alboiu, A Hamzu
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 12 (1), 012108, 2010
Innovative simplified 2D numerical modelling of the inter-influence of vertical axis cross-flow turbines mounted in hydropower farms
SC Georgescu, AM Georgescu, SI Bernad
Scientific Bulletin “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Transactions on …, 2008
Pumping station scheduling for water distribution networks in EPANET
SC Georgescu, AM Georgescu
UPB Sci. Bull, Series D 77 (2), 235-246, 2015
Pumping stations operating parameters upon a variable demand, determined numerically for the water distribution network of Oradea
AM Georgescu, SC Georgescu, T Petrovici, M Culcea
UPB Sci. Bull., Series C 69 (4), 643-650, 2007
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