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Soil and building material as main sources of indoor radon in Băița-Ștei radon prone area (Romania)
C Cosma, A Cucoș-Dinu, B Papp, R Begy, C Sainz
Journal of environmental radioactivity 116, 174-179, 2013
High-resolution OSL dating of the Costinești section (Dobrogea, SE Romania) using fine and coarse quartz
D Constantin, R Begy, S Vasiliniuc, C Panaiotu, C Necula, V Codrea, ...
Quaternary International 334, 20-29, 2014
Recent changes in Red Lake (Romania) sedimentation rate determined from depth profiles of 210Pb and 137Cs radioisotopes
R Begy, C Cosma, A Timar
Journal of environmental radioactivity 100 (8), 644-648, 2009
Thorough investigations on indoor radon in Băița radon-prone area (Romania)
A Cucoș, C Cosma, T Dicu, R Begy, M Moldovan, B Papp, D Niță, ...
Science of the total environment 431, 78-83, 2012
SAR-OSL dating of different grain-sized quartz from a sedimentary section in southern Romania interbedding the Campanian Ignimbrite/Y5 ash layer
D Constantin, A Timar-Gabor, D Veres, R Begy, C Cosma
Quaternary Geochronology 10, 81-86, 2012
Indicators of the Fukushima radioactive release in NW Romania
C Cosma, AR Iurian, DC Niță, R Begy, C Cîndea
Journal of environmental radioactivity 114, 94-99, 2012
Sediment dynamics and heavy metal pollution history of the Cruhlig Lake (Danube Delta, Romania)
RC Begy, L Preoteasa, A Timar-Gabor, R Mihăiescu, C Tănăselia, ...
Journal of environmental radioactivity 153, 167-175, 2016
A sedimentation study of St. Ana Lake (Romania) applying the 210Pb and 137Cs dating methods
R Begy, A Timar-Gabor, J Somlai, C Cosma
Geochronometria 38 (2), 93-100, 2011
Palaeohydrological changes during the mid and late Holocene in the Carpathian area, central-eastern Europe
A Haliuc, D Veres, A Brauer, K Hubay, SM Hutchinson, R Begy, M Braun
Global and Planetary Change 152, 99-114, 2017
Recent sediment accumulation rates in contrasting lakes in the Carpathians (Romania): impacts of shifts in socio-economic regime
SM Hutchinson, FO Akinyemi, M Mîndrescu, R Begy, A Feurdean
Regional environmental change 16 (2), 501-513, 2016
Comparative assessment of erosion and deposition rates on cultivated land in the Transylvanian Plain of Romania using 137Cs and 210Pbex
AR Iurian, L Mabit, R Begy, C Cosma
Journal of environmental radioactivity 125, 40-49, 2013
An improved procedure for the determination of 210Po by alpha spectrometry in sediments samples from Danube Delta
RC Begy, OA Dumitru, H Simon, I Steopoaie
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 303 (3), 2553-2557, 2015
Optically carried microwave signal modulation depth enhancement by stimulated Brillouin scattering in PCFs
B Robert, S Norcia-Molin, D Dolfi, S Tonda, JP Huignard, R Frey, G Melin, ...
Electronics Letters 42 (2), 108-109, 2006
Radon measurements and radon remediation in Băița-Ștei prone area
C Cosma, AC Dinu, B Papp, M Moldovan, R Begy, T Dicu, DC Niță, ...
Carpathian journal of earth and environmental sciences 8 (2), 191-199, 2013
Carbon nanotubes composite for environmentally friendly sensing
A Baciu, A Remes, E Ilinoiu, F Manea, SJ Picken, J Schoonman
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 11 (2), 239-246, 2012
137Cs contamination over Transylvania region (Romania) after Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident
RC Begy, H Simon, D Vasilache, S Kelemen, C Cosma
Science of the Total Environment 599, 627-636, 2017
International intercomparison exercise on natural radiation measurements under field conditions (IFC11)
B Papp, A CUCOȘ, M Moldovan, R Begy, T Dicu, D NIȚǍ, C Sainz, ...
Paper presented at the First East European Radon Symposium–FERAS, 2012
Sediment accumulation rate in the red lake (Romania) determined by Pb-210 and Cs-137 radioisotopes
R Begy, C Cosma, Z Horvath
Rom. Journ. Phys 54, 943-949, 2009
Radon and remediation measures near Băița-Ștei old uranium mine (Romania)
C Cosma, A Cucoș, B Papp, R Begy, T Dicu, M Moldovan, LA Truță, ...
Acta Geophysica 61 (4), 859-875, 2013
Radiological Assessment of Stream Sediments Between Băița-Plai and Beiuș
RCS BEGY, H Simon, C Cosma
Paper presented at the First East European Radon Symposium–FERAS, 2012
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