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Isabel Fernandes
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Elevated temperature may intensify the positive effects of nutrients on microbial decomposition in streams
I Fernandes, S Seena, C Pascoal, F Cássio
Freshwater Biology, 2014
Higher temperature reduces the effects of litter quality on decomposition by aquatic fungi
I FERNANDES, C Pascoal, H Guimarães, R Pinto, I Sousa, F Cássio
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Intraspecific traits change biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning under metal stress
I Fernandes, C Pascoal, F Cássio
Oecologia 166 (4), 1019-1028, 2011
Responses of Aquatic Fungal Communities on Leaf Litter to Temperature‐Change Events
I Fernandes, B Uzun, C Pascoal, F Cássio
International Review of Hydrobiology 94 (4), 410-418, 2009
Mixtures of zinc and phosphate affect leaf litter decomposition by aquatic fungi in streams
I Fernandes, S Duarte, F Cássio, C Pascoal
Science of the Total Environment 407 (14), 4283-4288, 2009
Structural and functional measures of leaf-associated invertebrates and fungi as predictors of stream eutrophication
A Pereira, P Geraldes, E Lima-Fernandes, I Fernandes, F Cássio, ...
Ecological Indicators 69, 648-656, 2016
Temperature alters interspecific relationships among aquatic fungi
S Duarte, I Fernandes, MJ Nogueira, F Cássio, C Pascoal
Fungal Ecology 6 (3), 187-191, 2013
Effects of Riparian Plant Diversity Loss on Aquatic Microbial Decomposers Become More Pronounced with Increasing Time
I Fernandes, S Duarte, F Cássio, C Pascoal
Microbial ecology 66 (4), 763-772, 2013
Eutrophication modulates plant-litter diversity effects on litter decomposition in streams
E Lima-Fernandes, I Fernandes, A Pereira, P Geraldes, F Cássio, ...
Freshwater Science, 2014
New climatic targets against global warming: will the maximum 2° C temperature rise affect estuarine benthic communities?
D Crespo, TF Grilo, J Baptista, JP Coelho, AI Lillebø, F Cássio, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 3918, 2017
Spring stimulates leaf decomposition in moderately eutrophic streams
A Pereira, J Trabulo, I Fernandes, C Pascoal, F Cássio, S Duarte
Aquatic Sciences 79 (1), 197-207, 2017
Microscopy-or DNA-based analyses: Which methodology gives a truer picture of stream-dwelling decomposer fungal diversity?
I Fernandes, A Pereira, J Trabulo, C Pascoal, F Cássio, S Duarte
Fungal Ecology 18, 130-134, 2015
Plant litter diversity affects invertebrate shredder activity and the quality of fine particulate organic matter in streams
I Fernandes, S Duarte, F Cássio, C Pascoal
Marine and Freshwater Research, 2014
Linking microbial decomposer diversity to plant litter decomposition and associated processes in streams
C Pascoal, I Fernandes, S Seena, M Danger, V Ferreira, F Cássio
The Ecology of Plant Litter Decomposition in Stream Ecosystems, 163-192, 2021
Eco-physiological responses of aquatic fungi to three global change stressors highlight the importance of intraspecific trait variability
D Graça, I Fernandes, F Cássio, C Pascoal
Microbial Ecology, 1-11, 2022
Aquatic Hyphomycete Taxonomic Relatedness Translates into Lower Genetic Divergence of the Nitrate Reductase Gene
J Mariz, R Franco-Duarte, F Cássio, C Pascoal, I Fernandes
Journal of Fungi 7 (12), 1066, 2021
Impacts of diffuse urban stressors on stream benthic communities and ecosystem functioning: A review
M Colls Lozano, A Viza, A Zufiarre, A Camacho-Santamans, A Laini, ...
Limnética, 2023, vol. Online first article, 2023
ITS rDNA Barcodes Clarify Molecular Diversity of Aquatic Hyphomycetes
R Franco-Duarte, I Fernandes, V Gulis, F Cássio, C Pascoal
Microorganisms 10 (8), 1569, 2022
New ITS rDNA barcodes clarify phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of aquatic hyphomycetes
R Duarte, I Fernandes, V Gulis, F Cássio, C Pascoal
Negative impacts of cleaning agent DEPTAL MCL® on activated sludge wastewater treatment system
J Padrão, V Ferreira, DP Mesquita, S Cortez, N Dias, MS Duarte, ...
Science of The Total Environment, 155957, 2022
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