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Change of fire frequency in the eastern Canadian boreal forests during the Holocene: does vegetation composition or climate trigger the fire regime?
C Carcaillet, Y Bergeron, PJH Richard, B Fréchette, S Gauthier, YT Prairie
Journal of Ecology 89 (6), 930-946, 2001
Comparison of pollen-slide and sieving methods in lacustrine charcoal analyses for local and regional fire history
C Carcaillet, M Bouvier, B Fréchette, AC Larouche, PJH Richard
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Holocene climate change in Arctic Canada and Greenland
JP Briner, NP McKay, Y Axford, O Bennike, RS Bradley, A de Vernal, ...
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Dinocyst-based reconstructions of sea ice cover concentration during the Holocene in the Arctic Ocean, the northern North Atlantic Ocean and its adjacent seas
A de Vernal, C Hillaire-Marcel, A Rochon, B Fréchette, M Henry, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 79, 111-121, 2013
Reconstructing past sea ice cover of the Northern Hemisphere from dinocyst assemblages: status of the approach
A de Vernal, A Rochon, B Fréchette, M Henry, T Radi, S Solignac
Quaternary Science Reviews 79, 122-134, 2013
Last Interglacial Arctic warmth confirms polar amplification of climate change
CLIP Members
Quaternary Science Reviews 25 (13-14), 1383-1400, 2006
Paleoecology of a> 90,000-year lacustrine sequence from Fog Lake, Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
AP Wolfe, B Frechette, PJH Richard, GH Miller, SL Forman
Quaternary Science Reviews 19 (17-18), 1677-1699, 2000
Resilience of the boreal forest in response to Holocene fire-frequency changes assessed by pollen diversity and population dynamics
C Carcaillet, PJH Richard, Y Bergeron, B Fréchette, AA Ali
International Journal of Wildland Fire 19 (8), 1026-1039, 2010
Regional paleofire regimes affected by non-uniform climate, vegetation and human drivers
O Blarquez, AA Ali, MP Girardin, P Grondin, B Fréchette, Y Bergeron, ...
Scientific reports 5, 13356, 2015
Diachronous evolution of sea surface conditions in the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay since the last deglaciation
OT Gibb, S Steinhauer, B Fréchette, A de Vernal, C Hillaire-Marcel
The Holocene 25 (12), 1882-1897, 2015
Terrestrial biosphere changes over the last 120 kyr
BAA Hoogakker, RS Smith, JS Singarayer, R Marchant, IC Prentice, ...
Climate of the Past 12 (1), 51-73, 2016
Relationship between Holocene climate variations over southern Greenland and eastern Baffin Island and synoptic circulation pattern
B Fréchette, A de Vernal
Climate of the Past 5 (3), 347-359, 2009
Vegetation and climate of the last interglacial on Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
B Fréchette, AP Wolfe, GH Miller, PJH Richard, A de Vernal
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 236 (1-2), 91-106, 2006
Methodological basis for quantitative reconstruction of air temperature and sunshine from pollen assemblages in Arctic Canada and Greenland
B Frechette, A de Vernal, J Guiot, AP Wolfe, GH Miller, B Fredskild, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 27 (11-12), 1197-1216, 2008
Evidence for large-amplitude biome and climate changes in Atlantic Canada during the last interglacial and mid-Wisconsinan periods
B Fréchette, A de Vernal
Quaternary Research 79 (2), 242-255, 2013
Implication of methodological uncertainties for mid-Holocene sea surface temperature reconstructions
I Hessler, SP Harrison, L Londeix, M Kucera, C Waelbroeck, MT Chen, ...
Climate of the Past 10, 2237-2252, 2014
Middle to late Wisconsinan climate and ecological changes in northern Alaska: Evidences from the Itkillik River Yedoma
L Lapointe, J Talbot, D Fortier, B Fréchette, J Strauss, M Kanevskiy, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 485, 906-916, 2017
A chronological framework for the Clyde Foreland Formation, Eastern Canadian Arctic, derived from amino acid racemization and cosmogenic radionuclides
KA Refsnider, GH Miller, B Fréchette, DH Rood
Quaternary Geochronology 16, 21-34, 2013
Holocene and last interglacial cloudiness in eastern Baffin Island, Arctic Canada
B Frechette, A de Vernal, PJH Richard
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 45 (11), 1221-1234, 2008
Holocene climate history of the Nunatsiavut (northern Labrador, Canada) established from pollen and dinoflagellate cyst assemblages covering the past 7000 years
T Richerol, B Fréchette, A Rochon, R Pienitz
The Holocene 26 (1), 44-60, 2016
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