PRN Childs
PRN Childs
Alte numePeter Childs, Peter R Childs, Peter RN Childs
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Review of temperature measurement
PRN Childs, JR Greenwood, CA Long
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Mechanical design engineering handbook
P Childs
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Mechanical design engineering handbook
P Childs
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P Childs
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P Childs
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Mechanical design
PRN Childs
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Heat flux measurement techniques
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Contaminated interaction: another barrier to circular material flows
W Baxter, M Aurisicchio, P Childs
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A data-driven text mining and semantic network analysis for design information retrieval
F Shi, L Chen, J Han, P Childs
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An artificial intelligence based data-driven approach for design ideation
L Chen, P Wang, H Dong, F Shi, J Han, Y Guo, PRN Childs, J Xiao, C Wu
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A psychological ownership approach to designing object attachment
WL Baxter, M Aurisicchio, PRN Childs
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A computational tool for creative idea generation based on analogical reasoning and ontology
J Han, F Shi, L Chen, PRN Childs
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The Combinator–a computer-based tool for creative idea generation based on a simulation approach
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A low cost desktop electrochemical metal 3D printer
X Chen, X Liu, P Childs, N Brandon, B Wu
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ICAS-GT: a European collaborative research programme on internal cooling air systems for gas turbines
PD Smout, JW Chew, PRN Childs
Turbo Expo: Power for Land, Sea, and Air 36088, 907-914, 2002
Solar-thermal and hybrid photovoltaic-thermal systems for renewable heating
A Ramos Cabal, I Guarracino, A Mellor, D Alonso-Álvarez, ...
Method of covering a surface of a building and robot therefor
TB Lipinski, P Childs, M Holloway
US Patent 10,478,972, 2019
Sustainability by design: a reflection on the suitability of pedagogic practice in design and engineering courses in the teaching of sustainable design
R Morris, P Childs, T Hamilton
European Journal of Engineering Education 32 (2), 135-142, 2007
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