Mohamed Atri
Mohamed Atri
King Khalid University, College of Computer Science
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Citat de
Citat de
Face recognition systems: A survey
Y Kortli, M Jridi, A Al Falou, M Atri
Sensors 20 (2), 342, 2020
Optimised spatio-temporal descriptors for real-time fall detection: comparison of SVM and Adaboost based classification
I Charfi, J Miteran, J Dubois, M Atri, R Tourki
Journal of Electronic Imaging (JEI) 22 (4), 17, 2013
A survey of localization systems in internet of things
F Khelifi, A Bradai, A Benslimane, P Rawat, M Atri
Mobile Networks and Applications 24, 761-785, 2019
Definition and performance evaluation of a robust SVM based fall detection solution
I Charfi, J Miteran, J Dubois, M Atri, R Tourki
2012 eighth international conference on signal image technology and internet …, 2012
Generalized Fourier descriptors with applications to objects recognition in SVM context
F Smach, C Lemaître, JP Gauthier, J Miteran, M Atri
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Design of a neural networks classifier for face detection
F Smach
Journal of computer Science 2, 257-260, 2006
Deep CNN for Brain Tumor Classification
M Ayadi, W., Elhamzi, W., Charfi, I., Atri
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Hardware co-simulation for video processing using xilinx system generator
T Saidani, D Dia, W Elhamzi, M Atri, R Tourki
Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 1, 3-7, 2009
An evaluation of retinanet on indoor object detection for blind and visually impaired persons assistance navigation
M Afif, R Ayachi, Y Said, E Pissaloux, M Atri
Neural Processing Letters 51, 2265-2279, 2020
Electrocardiogram heartbeat classification based on a deep convolutional neural network and focal loss
TF Romdhane, MA Pr
Computers in Biology and Medicine 123, 103866, 2020
A new fuzzy logic based node localization mechanism for wireless sensor networks
S Amri, F Khelifi, A Bradai, A Rachedi, ML Kaddachi, M Atri
Future Generation Computer Systems 93, 799-813, 2019
Traffic signs detection for real-world application of an advanced driving assisting system using deep learning
R Ayachi, M Afif, Y Said, M Atri
Neural Processing Letters 51, 837-851, 2020
Localization and energy-efficient data routing for unmanned aerial vehicles: Fuzzy-logic-based approach
F Khelifi, A Bradai, K Singh, M Atri
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (4), 129-133, 2018
A hybrid feature extraction approach for brain MRI classification based on Bag-of-words
W Ayadi, W Elhamzi, I Charfi, M Atri
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 48, 144-152, 2019
Deep federated Q-learning-based network slicing for industrial IoT
S Messaoud, A Bradai, OB Ahmed, PTA Quang, M Atri, MS Hossain
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 17 (8), 5572-5582, 2020
Human detection based on integral Histograms of Oriented Gradients and SVM
Y Said, M Atri, R Tourki
2011 International Conference on Communications, Computing and Control …, 2011
A survey on machine learning in Internet of Things: Algorithms, strategies, and applications
S Messaoud, A Bradai, SHR Bukhari, PTA Quang, OB Ahmed, M Atri
Internet of Things 12, 100314, 2020
An FPGA-based accelerator for Fourier Descriptors computing for color object recognition using SVM
F Smach, J Miteran, M Atri, J Dubois, M Abid, JP Gauthier
Journal of Real-Time Image Processing 2, 249-258, 2007
Deep learning based application for indoor scene recognition
M Afif, R Ayachi, Y Said, M Atri
Neural Processing Letters 51, 2827-2837, 2020
Strided convolution instead of max pooling for memory efficiency of convolutional neural networks
R Ayachi, M Afif, Y Said, M Atri
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Sciences of Electronics …, 2020
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