Irma Robles
Irma Robles
Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico en Electroquímica S.C.
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Optimization of the integral valorization process for orange peel waste using a design of experiments approach: Production of high-quality pectin and activated carbon
AK Tovar, LA Godínez, F Espejel, RM Ramírez-Zamora, I Robles
Waste Management 85, 202-213, 2019
Photo-assisted electrochemical advanced oxidation processes for the disinfection of aqueous solutions: A review
JD García-Espinoza, I Robles, A Durán-Moreno, LA Godínez
Chemosphere 274, 129957, 2021
Mercury removal from wastewater using agroindustrial waste adsorbents
S Giraldo, I Robles, A Ramirez, E Flórez, N Acelas
SN Applied Sciences 2, 1-17, 2020
Experimental and theoretical insights on methylene blue removal from wastewater using an adsorbent obtained from the residues of the orange industry
S Giraldo, I Robles, LA Godínez, N Acelas, E Flórez
Molecules 26 (15), 4555, 2021
Novel arrangement for an electro-Fenton reactor that does not require addition of iron, acid and a final neutralization stage. Towards the development of a cost-effective …
D Fernández, I Robles, FJ Rodríguez-Valadez, LA Godínez
Chemosphere 199, 251-255, 2018
Review of recent developments in electrochemical advanced oxidation processes: application to remove dyes, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides
C Martínez-Sánchez, I Robles, LA Godínez
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 19 (12), 12611 …, 2022
Electrokinetic treatment of mercury-polluted soil facilitated by ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid coupled with a reactor with a permeable reactive barrier of iron to recover …
I Robles, MJ Lozano, S Solís, G Hernández, MV Paz, MG Olvera, E Bustos
Electrochimica Acta 181, 68-72, 2015
Electrochemical degradation of triclosan in aqueous solution. A study of the performance of an electro-Fenton reactor
JD García-Espinoza, I Robles, V Gil, E Becerril-Bravo, JA Barrios, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 7 (4), 103228, 2019
Electroremediation of mercury polluted soil facilitated by complexing agents
I Robles, MG García, S Solís, G Hernández, Y Bandala, E Juaristi, ...
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 7 (3), 2276-2287, 2012
Study of simultaneous electro-Fenton and adsorption processes in a reactor containing porous carbon electrodes and particulate activated carbon
JD Garcia-Espinoza, I Robles, A Durán-Moreno, LA Godínez
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 895, 115476, 2021
Study of TiO2/Ti4O7 photo-anodes inserted in an activated carbon packed bed cathode: towards the development of 3D-type photo-electro-Fenton reactors for water treatment
V Becerril-Estrada, I Robles, C Martínez-Sánchez, LA Godínez
Electrochimica acta 340, 135972, 2020
Preparation of modified carbon paste electrodes from orange peel and used coffee ground. New materials for the treatment of dye-contaminated solutions using electro-Fenton …
AK Ortiz-Martínez, LA Godínez, C Martínez-Sánchez, JD García-Espinoza, ...
Electrochimica Acta 390, 138861, 2021
Inactivation of helminth eggs in an electro-Fenton reactor: towards full electrochemical disinfection of human waste using activated carbon
I Robles, E Becerra, JA Barrios, C Maya, B Jiménez, ...
Chemosphere 250, 126260, 2020
Study of polarized activated carbon filters as simultaneous adsorbent and 3D-type electrode materials for electro-Fenton reactors
I Robles, G Moreno-Rubio, JD García-Espinoza, C Martínez-Sánchez, ...
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 8 (5), 104414, 2020
Adsorption study of mercury on lignite in the presence of different anions
I Robles, E Bustos, J Lakatos
Sustainable Environment Research 26 (3), 136-141, 2016
Characterization and remediation of soils and sediments polluted with Mercury: Occurrence, transformations, environmental considerations and San Joaquin’s Sierra Gorda case
I Robles, J Lakatos, P Scharek, Z Planck, G Hernández, S Solís, E Bustos
Environmental Risk Assessment of Soil Contamination, 2014
Decontamination of wastewater containing contaminants of emerging concern by electrooxidation and Fenton-based processes–A review on the relevance of materials and methods
MC Santos, VS Antonin, FM Souza, LR Aveiro, VS Pinheiro, TC Gentil, ...
Chemosphere 307, 135763, 2022
Competitive adsorption of anionic and cationic molecules on three activated carbons derived from agroindustrial waste
RJ Martínez, AZ Vela-Carrillo, LA Godínez, J de Jesús Pérez-Bueno, ...
Biomass and Bioenergy 168, 106660, 2023
Removal of anti-inflammatory drugs using activated carbon from agro-industrial origin: current advances in kinetics, isotherms, and thermodynamic studies
A Sandoval-González, I Robles, CA Pineda-Arellano, ...
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 19 (10), 4017-4033, 2022
Study of the performance of a cylindrical flow-through electro-Fenton reactor using different arrangements of carbon felt electrodes: effect of key operating parameters
JD García-Espinoza, I Robles, A Durán-Moreno, LA Godínez
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (28), 42305-42318, 2022
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