Ameur Cherif
Ameur Cherif
Professor of Microbiology, University of Manouba, Tunisia
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Citat de
Microbial characterization during composting of municipal solid waste
A Hassen, K Belguith, N Jedidi, A Cherif, M Cherif, A Boudabous
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A drought resistance-promoting microbiome is selected by root system under desert farming
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Biotechnological applications of extremophiles, extremozymes and extremolytes
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Thuricin 7: a novel bacteriocin produced by Bacillus thuringiensis BMG1.7, a new strain isolated from soil
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Homoduplex and heteroduplex polymorphisms of the amplified ribosomal 16S-23S internal transcribed spacers describe genetic relationships in the “Bacillus cereus group”
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Microbial symbionts: a resource for the management of insect‐related problems
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Detection and characterization of the novel bacteriocin entomocin 9, and safety evaluation of its producer, Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. entomocidus HD9
A Cherif, S Chehimi, F Limem, BM Hansen, NB Hendriksen, D Daffonchio, ...
Journal of Applied Microbiology 95 (5), 990-1000, 2003
Oasis desert farming selects environment‐specific date palm root endophytic communities and cultivable bacteria that promote resistance to drought
H Cherif, R Marasco, E Rolli, R Ferjani, M Fusi, A Soussi, F Mapelli, ...
Environmental microbiology reports 7 (4), 668-678, 2015
Hydrocarbonoclastic bacteria isolated from petroleum contaminated sites in Tunisia: isolation, identification and characterization of the biotechnological potential
M Mahjoubi, A Jaouani, A Guesmi, SB Amor, A Jouini, H Cherif, A Najjari, ...
New biotechnology 30 (6), 723-733, 2013
Plant-associated microbiomes in arid lands: diversity, ecology and biotechnological potential
A Soussi, R Ferjani, R Marasco, A Guesmi, H Cherif, E Rolli, F Mapelli, ...
Plant and Soil 405, 357-370, 2016
Characterization and partial purification of entomocin 110, a newly identified bacteriocin from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Entomocidus HD110
A Cherif, W Rezgui, N Raddadi, D Daffonchio, A Boudabous
Microbiological Research 163 (6), 684-692, 2008
Nature of Polymorphisms in 16S-23S rRNA Gene Intergenic Transcribed Spacer Fingerprinting of Bacillus and Related Genera
D Daffonchio, A Cherif, L Brusetti, A Rizzi, D Mora, A Boudabous, S Borin
Applied and environmental microbiology 69 (9), 5128-5137, 2003
Genetic relationship in the ‘Bacillus cereus group’ by rep‐PCR fingerprinting and sequencing of a Bacillus anthracis‐specific rep‐PCR fragment
A Cherif, L Brusetti, S Borin, A Rizzi, A Boudabous, H Khyami‐Horani, ...
Journal of Applied Microbiology 94 (6), 1108-1119, 2003
Screening of plant growth promoting traits ofBacillus thuringiensis
N Raddadi, A Cherif, A Boudabous, D Daffonchio
Annals of Microbiology 58, 47-52, 2008
Bacillus anthracis Diverges from Related Clades of the Bacillus cereus Group in 16S-23S Ribosomal DNA Intergenic Transcribed Spacers Containing tRNA Genes
A Cherif, S Borin, A Rizzi, H Ouzari, A Boudabous, D Daffonchio
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 69 (1), 33-40, 2003
Bacterial population and biodegradation potential in chronically crude oil-contaminated marine sediments are strongly linked to temperature
R Bargiela, F Mapelli, D Rojo, B Chouaia, J Tornés, S Borin, M Richter, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 11651, 2015
Pseudomonas rhizophila S211, a New Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacterium with Potential in Pesticide-Bioremediation
W Hassen, M Neifar, H Cherif, A Najjari, H Chouchane, RC Driouich, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 34, 2018
Ethylene response factor Sl-ERF. B. 3 is responsive to abiotic stresses and mediates salt and cold stress response regulation in tomato
I Klay, J Pirrello, L Riahi, A Bernadac, A Cherif, M Bouzayen, S Bouzid
The Scientific World Journal 2014, 2014
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