Horia Iovu
Horia Iovu
Advanced Polymer Materials Group / Academy of Romanian Scientists
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Citat de
Sodium alginate/graphene oxide composite films with enhanced thermal and mechanical properties
M Ionita, MA Pandele, H Iovu
Carbohydrate polymers 94 (1), 339-344, 2013
Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro studies of graphene oxide/chitosan–polyvinyl alcohol films
AM Pandele, M Ionita, L Crica, S Dinescu, M Costache, H Iovu
Carbohydrate polymers 102, 813-820, 2014
In vitro cytocompatibility evaluation of chitosan/graphene oxide 3D scaffold composites designed for bone tissue engineering
S Dinescu, M Ionita, AM Pandele, B Galateanu, H Iovu, A Ardelean, ...
Bio-medical materials and engineering 24 (6), 2249-2256, 2014
Core–shell hybrid nanomaterials based on CoFe2O4 particles coated with PVP or PEG biopolymers for applications in biomedicine
CI Covaliu, I Jitaru, G Paraschiv, E Vasile, SȘ Biriș, L Diamandescu, ...
Powder technology 237, 415-426, 2013
Graphene and functionalized graphene: Extraordinary prospects for nanobiocomposite materials
M Ioniță, GM Vlăsceanu, AA Watzlawek, SI Voicu, JS Burns, H Iovu
Composites Part B: Engineering 121, 34-57, 2017
Preparation of polyelectrolytes for wastewater treatment
MT Radoiu, DI Martin, I Calinescu, H Iovu
Journal of hazardous materials 106 (1), 27-37, 2004
New polymer–halloysite hybrid materials—potential controlled drug release system
A Ghebaur, SA Garea, H Iovu
International journal of pharmaceutics 436 (1-2), 568-573, 2012
SO2 and NOx removal by electron beam and electrical discharge induced non-thermal plasmas
D Ighigeanu, D Martin, E Zissulescu, R Macarie, C Oproiu, E Cirstea, ...
Vacuum 77 (4), 493-500, 2005
Thermal polymerization of benzoxazine monomers followed by GPC, FTIR and DETA
SA Gârea, H Iovu, A Nicolescu, C Deleanu
Polymer testing 26 (2), 162-171, 2007
Novel nanocomposites based on epoxy resin/epoxy-functionalized polydimethylsiloxane reinforced with POSS
NM Florea, A Lungu, P Badica, L Craciun, M Enculescu, DG Ghita, ...
Composites Part B: Engineering 75, 226-234, 2015
New organophilic agents of montmorillonite used as reinforcing agent in epoxy nanocomposites
SA Gârea, H Iovu, A Bulearca
Polymer Testing 27 (1), 100-113, 2008
Review of hybrid PLGA nanoparticles: Future of smart drug delivery and theranostics medicine
J Ghitman, EI Biru, R Stan, H Iovu
Materials & Design 193, 108805, 2020
Modelling of the butadiene and isoprene polymerization processes with a binary neodymium-based catalyst
H Iovu, G Hubca, D Racoti, JS Hurst
European Polymer Journal 35 (2), 335-344, 1999
Synergistic effect of carbon nanotubes and graphene for high performance cellulose acetate membranes in biomedical applications
M Ioniță, LE Crică, SI Voicu, S Dinescu, F Miculescu, M Costache, H Iovu
Carbohydrate polymers 183, 50-61, 2018
Bioinspired 3D printable pectin-nanocellulose ink formulations
AI Cernencu, A Lungu, IC Stancu, A Serafim, E Heggset, K Syverud, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 220, 12-21, 2019
Covalent and non-covalent functionalized MWCNTs for improved thermo-mechanical properties of epoxy composites
CM Damian, SA Garea, E Vasile, H Iovu
Composites Part B: Engineering 43 (8), 3507-3515, 2012
Layered double hydroxides reconstructed in NiSO4 aqueous solution as highly efficient photocatalysts for degrading two industrial dyes
G Carja, E Husanu, C Gherasim, H Iovu
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 107 (3-4), 253-259, 2011
Characterization and curing kinetics of new benzoxazine monomer based on aromatic diamines
C Andronescu, SA Gârea, C Deleanu, H Iovu
Thermochimica acta 530, 42-51, 2012
Graphene nanocomposites studied by Raman spectroscopy
EI Bîru, H Iovu
Raman spectroscopy 179, 2018
Fabrication of cellulose triacetate/graphene oxide porous membrane
M Ionita, LE Crica, SI Voicu, AM Pandele, H Iovu
Polymers for Advanced Technologies 27 (3), 350-357, 2016
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