Elias Paolo Casula
Elias Paolo Casula
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the precuneus enhances memory and neural activity in prodromal Alzheimer's disease
G Koch, S Bonnì, MC Pellicciari, EP Casula, M Mancini, R Esposito, ...
Neuroimage 169, 302-311, 2018
Effect of cerebellar stimulation on gait and balance recovery in patients with hemiparetic stroke: a randomized clinical trial
G Koch, S Bonnì, EP Casula, M Iosa, S Paolucci, MC Pellicciari, ...
JAMA neurology 76 (2), 170-178, 2019
Disentangling EEG responses to TMS due to cortical and peripheral activations
L Rocchi, A Di Santo, K Brown, J Ibáñez, E Casula, V Rawji, V Di Lazzaro, ...
Brain stimulation 14 (1), 4-18, 2021
Low-frequency rTMS inhibitory effects in the primary motor cortex: Insights from TMS-evoked potentials
EP Casula, V Tarantino, D Basso, G Arcara, G Marino, GM Toffolo, ...
Neuroimage 98, 225-232, 2014
Muscle and timing-specific functional connectivity between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the primary motor cortex
A Hasan, JM Galea, EP Casula, P Falkai, S Bestmann, JC Rothwell
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 25 (4), 558-570, 2013
Somatosensory temporal discrimination threshold involves inhibitory mechanisms in the primary somatosensory area
L Rocchi, E Casula, P Tocco, A Berardelli, J Rothwell
Journal of Neuroscience 36 (2), 325-335, 2016
Cerebellar theta burst stimulation modulates the neural activity of interconnected parietal and motor areas
EP Casula, MC Pellicciari, V Ponzo, M Stampanoni Bassi, D Veniero, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 36191, 2016
Precuneus magnetic stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease: a randomized, sham-controlled trial
G Koch, EP Casula, S Bonnì, I Borghi, M Assogna, M Minei, MC Pellicciari, ...
Brain 145 (11), 3776-3786, 2022
Variability and predictors of response to continuous theta burst stimulation: a TMS-EEG study
L Rocchi, J Ibáñez, A Benussi, R Hannah, V Rawji, E Casula, J Rothwell
Frontiers in neuroscience 12, 400, 2018
Effects of pulse width, waveform and current direction in the cortex: A combined cTMS-EEG study
EP Casula, L Rocchi, R Hannah, JC Rothwell
Brain stimulation 11 (5), 1063-1070, 2018
Spike-timing-dependent plasticity in the human dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex
EP Casula, MC Pellicciari, S Picazio, C Caltagirone, G Koch
Neuroimage 143, 204-213, 2016
The reliability of commonly used electrophysiology measures
KE Brown, KR Lohse, IMS Mayer, G Strigaro, M Desikan, EP Casula, ...
Brain stimulation 10 (6), 1102-1111, 2017
Dynamic reorganization of TMS-evoked activity in subcortical stroke patients
MC Pellicciari, S Bonnì, V Ponzo, AM Cinnera, M Mancini, EP Casula, ...
Neuroimage 175, 365-378, 2018
TMS combined with EEG: Recommendations and open issues for data collection and analysis
JC Hernandez-Pavon, D Veniero, TO Bergmann, P Belardinelli, ...
Brain Stimulation 16 (2), 567-593, 2023
LTP-like cortical plasticity predicts conversion to dementia in patients with memory impairment
F Di Lorenzo, C Motta, EP Casula, S Bonnì, M Assogna, C Caltagirone, ...
Brain Stimulation 13 (5), 1175-1182, 2020
Evidence for interhemispheric imbalance in stroke patients as revealed by combining transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography
EP Casula, MC Pellicciari, S Bonnì, B Spanò, V Ponzo, I Salsano, ...
Human Brain Mapping 42 (5), 1343-1358, 2021
TMS-evoked long-lasting artefacts: A new adaptive algorithm for EEG signal correction
EP Casula, A Bertoldo, V Tarantino, M Maiella, G Koch, JC Rothwell, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 128 (9), 1563-1574, 2017
Novel TMS-EEG indexes to investigate interhemispheric dynamics in humans
EP Casula, M Maiella, MC Pellicciari, F Porrazzini, A D'Acunto, L Rocchi, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 131 (1), 70-77, 2020
Improving visuo-motor learning with cerebellar theta burst stimulation: behavioral and neurophysiological evidence
G Koch, R Esposito, C Motta, EP Casula, F Di Lorenzo, S Bonnì, ...
Neuroimage 208, 116424, 2020
Transcranial evoked potentials can be reliably recorded with active electrodes
M Mancuso, V Sveva, A Cruciani, K Brown, J Ibáñez, V Rawji, E Casula, ...
Brain sciences 11 (2), 145, 2021
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