Pandelis Kourtessis
Pandelis Kourtessis
Professor of Cognitive Networks, University of Hertfordshire
Adresă de e-mail confirmată pe herts.ac.uk
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Citat de
Deep channel learning for large intelligent surfaces aided mm-wave massive MIMO systems
AM Elbir, A Papazafeiropoulos, P Kourtessis, S Chatzinotas
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 9 (9), 1447-1451, 2020
Performance analysis of cell-free massive MIMO systems: A stochastic geometry approach
A Papazafeiropoulos, P Kourtessis, M Di Renzo, S Chatzinotas, ...
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 69 (4), 3523-3537, 2020
Intelligent reflecting surface-assisted MU-MISO systems with imperfect hardware: Channel estimation and beamforming design
A Papazafeiropoulos, C Pan, P Kourtessis, S Chatzinotas, JM Senior
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 21 (3), 2077-2092, 2021
Toward terabit-per-second capacities over multimode fiber links using SCM/WDM techniques
EJ Tyler, P Kourtessis, M Webster, E Rochart, T Quinlan, SEM Dudley, ...
Journal of lightwave technology 21 (12), 3237-3243, 2003
An OFDMA-based optical access network architecture exhibiting ultra-high capacity and wireline-wireless convergence
K Kanonakis, I Tomkos, HG Krimmel, F Schaich, C Lange, E Weis, ...
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Colorless FDMA-PON with flexible bandwidth allocation and colorless, low-speed ONUs
PC Schindler, R Schmogrow, M Dreschmann, J Meyer, I Tomkos, J Prat, ...
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 5 (10), A204-A212, 2013
ACCORDANCE: A novel OFDMA-PON paradigm for ultra-high capacity converged wireline-wireless access networks
K Kanonakis, I Tomkos, T Pfeiffer, J Prat, P Kourtessis
2010 12th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, 1-4, 2010
GPON service level agreement based dynamic bandwidth assignment protocol
CH Chang, P Kourtessis, JM Senior
Electronics Letters 42 (20), 1173-1175, 2006
Towards optimal energy efficiency in cell-free massive MIMO systems
A Papazafeiropoulos, HQ Ngo, P Kourtessis, S Chatzinotas, JM Senior
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Full-service MAC protocol for metro-reach GPONs
CH Chang, NM Alvarez, P Kourtessis, RM Lorenzo, JM Senior
Journal of Lightwave Technology 28 (7), 1016-1022, 2010
Coverage probability of distributed IRS systems under spatially correlated channels
A Papazafeiropoulos, C Pan, A Elbir, P Kourtessis, S Chatzinotas, ...
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Scalable cell-free massive MIMO systems: Impact of hardware impairments
A Papazafeiropoulos, E Björnson, P Kourtessis, S Chatzinotas, JM Senior
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Demonstration of wireless backhauling over long-reach PONs
M Milosavljevic, MP Thakur, P Kourtessis, JE Mitchell, JM Senior
Journal of lightwave technology 30 (5), 811-817, 2012
Dynamic subcarrier allocation for 100 Gbps, 40 km OFDMA-PONs with SLA and CoS
W Lim, P Kourtessis, M Milosavljevic, JM Senior
Journal of Lightwave Technology 31 (7), 1055-1062, 2013
Asymptotic analysis of max-min weighted SINR for IRS-assisted MISO systems with hardware impairments
A Papazafeiropoulos, C Pan, AM Elbir, VD Nguyen, P Kourtessis, ...
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 12 (2), 192-196, 2021
Dynamic bandwidth assignment for multi-service access in long-reach GPON
CH Chang, NM Alvarez, P Kourtessis, JM Senior
33rd European Conference and Exhibition of Optical Communication, 1-2, 2007
Coverage probability of STAR-RIS-assisted massive MIMO systems with correlation and phase errors
A Papazafeiropoulos, Z Abdullah, P Kourtessis, S Kisseleff, I Krikidis
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 11 (8), 1738-1742, 2022
A hybrid architecture for federated and centralized learning
AM Elbir, S Coleri, AK Papazafeiropoulos, P Kourtessis, S Chatzinotas
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking 8 (3), 1529-1542, 2022
STAR-RIS assisted full-duplex systems: Impact of correlation and maximization
A Papazafeiropoulos, P Kourtessis, I Krikidis
IEEE Communications Letters 26 (12), 3004-3008, 2022
Multi-PON access network using a coarse AWG for smooth migration from TDM to WDM PON
Y Shachaf, CH Chang, P Kourtessis, JM Senior
Optics express 15 (12), 7840-7844, 2007
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