Daniel S Balint
Daniel S Balint
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Investigation of deformation and failure features in hot stamping of AA6082: Experimentation and modelling
MS Mohamed, AD Foster, J Lin, DS Balint, TA Dean
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An analytical model of rumpling in thermal barrier coatings
DS Balint, JW Hutchinson
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O El Fakir, L Wang, D Balint, JP Dear, J Lin, TA Dean
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L Wang, M Strangwood, D Balint, J Lin, TA Dean
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DS Balint, VS Deshpande, A Needleman, E Van der Giessen
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Size effects in uniaxial deformation of single and polycrystals: a discrete dislocation plasticity analysis
DS Balint, VS Deshpande, A Needleman, E Van der Giessen
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Y Li, Z Shi, J Lin, YL Yang, Q Rong, BM Huang, TF Chung, CS Tsao, ...
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Slip transfer across phase boundaries in dual phase titanium alloys and the effect on strain rate sensitivity
Z Zheng, S Waheed, DS Balint, FPE Dunne
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Modelling of dominant softening mechanisms for Ti-6Al-4V in steady state hot forming conditions
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DS Balint, VS Deshpande, A Needleman, E Van der Giessen
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Undulation instability of a compressed elastic film on a nonlinear creeping substrate
DS Balint, JW Hutchinson
Acta materialia 51 (13), 3965-3983, 2003
A controlled Poisson Voronoi tessellation for grain and cohesive boundary generation applied to crystal plasticity analysis
P Zhang, M Karimpour, D Balint, J Lin, D Farrugia
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Microstructure evolution in metal forming processes
J Lin, D Balint, M Pietrzyk
Elsevier, 2012
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The development of continuum damage mechanics-based theories for predicting forming limit diagrams for hot stamping applications
J Lin, M Mohamed, D Balint, TA Dean
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The mechanisms governing the activation of dislocation sources in aluminum at different strain rates
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An efficient closed-form method for determining interfacial heat transfer coefficient in metal forming
Q Bai, J Lin, L Zhan, TA Dean, DS Balint, Z Zhang
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A discrete dislocation plasticity study of the micro-cantilever size effect
E Tarleton, DS Balint, J Gong, AJ Wilkinson
Acta Materialia 88, 271-282, 2015
The effect of temperature on the elastic precursor decay in shock loaded FCC aluminium and BCC iron
B Gurrutxaga-Lerma, MA Shehadeh, DS Balint, D Dini, L Chen, ...
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Influence of bond coat thickness on the cyclic rumpling of thermally grown oxides
DS Balint, T Xu, JW Hutchinson, AG Evans
Acta materialia 54 (7), 1815-1820, 2006
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