Viorel D. Popescu
Viorel D. Popescu
Columbia University, University of Bucharest
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The efficacy of Romania’s protected areas network in conserving biodiversity
CI Iojă, M Pătroescu, L Rozylowicz, VD Popescu, M Vergheleț, MI Zotta, ...
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S Souther, MW Tingley, VD Popescu, DTS Hayman, ME Ryan, TA Graves, ...
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Clear‐cutting affects habitat connectivity for a forest amphibian by decreasing permeability to juvenile movements
VD Popescu, ML Hunter Jr
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Detecting small changes in populations at landscape scales: a bioacoustic site-occupancy framework
CM Wood, VD Popescu, H Klinck, JJ Keane, RJ Gutiérrez, SC Sawyer, ...
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Power, influence and structure in Natura 2000 governance networks. A comparative analysis of two protected areas in Romania
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Estimating population impacts via dynamic occupancy analysis of before–after control–impact studies
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Collaboration networks in applied conservation projects across Europe
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Testing the consistency of wildlife data types before combining them: the case of camera traps and telemetry
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Ecology and evolution 4 (7), 933-943, 2014
Combining resource selection functions and home‐range data to identify habitat conservation priorities for brown bears
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Quantifying biodiversity trade-offs in the face of widespread renewable and unconventional energy development
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Navigating protected areas networks for improving diffusion of conservation practices
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Movement ecology of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in the Romanian Eastern Carpathians
IM Pop, L Bereczky, S Chiriac, R Iosif, A Nita, VD Popescu, L Rozylowicz
Nature conservation 26, 15-31, 2018
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