Carmelo De Maria
Carmelo De Maria
Associate Professor at University of Pisa
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Citat de
Biofabrication: a guide to technology and terminology
L Moroni, T Boland, JA Burdick, C De Maria, B Derby, G Forgacs, J Groll, ...
Trends in biotechnology 36 (4), 384-402, 2018
In Vivo Assessment of Printed Microvasculature in a Bilayer Skin Graft to Treat Full-Thickness Wounds
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An autologously generated platelet-rich plasma suturable membrane may enhance peripheral nerve regeneration after neurorraphy in an acute injury model of sciatic nerve neurotmesis
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Triphasic scaffolds for the regeneration of the bone–ligament interface
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Safe innovation: On medical device legislation in Europe and Africa
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Pectin-GPTMS-based biomaterial: Toward a sustainable bioprinting of 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering application
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A new path to platelet production through matrix sensing
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Material and structural tensile properties of the human medial patello-femoral ligament
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4D printing in biomedical applications: emerging trends and technologies
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Oxygen releasing materials: towards addressing the hypoxia-related issues in tissue engineering
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Open source biomedical engineering for sustainability in African healthcare: Combining academic excellence with innovation
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Recent advances in bioprinting technologies for engineering different cartilage-based tissues
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A novel 3D in vitro model of the human gut microbiota
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Comprehensive review on current and future regulatory requirements on wearable sensors in preclinical and clinical testing
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Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 7, 313, 2019
A new 3D concentration gradient maker and its application in building hydrogels with a 3D stiffness gradient
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Recent advances in bioprinting technologies for engineering cardiac tissue
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