Asem Khmag
Asem Khmag
Assistant Professor at Computer Systems Engineering, University of Zawia
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Citat de
Citat de
Natural image noise level estimation based on local statistics for blind noise reduction
A Khmag, AR Ramli, SAR Al-Haddad, N Kamarudin
The Visual Computer 34, 575-587, 2018
Natural image noise removal using nonlocal means and hidden Markov models in transform domain
A Khmag, SAR Al Haddad, RA Ramlee, N Kamarudin, FL Malallah
The Visual Computer 34, 1661-1675, 2018
Additive noise reduction in natural images using second‐generation wavelet transform hidden Markov models
A Khmag, AR Ramli, SJ bin Hashim, SAR Al‐Haddad
IEEJ Transactions on electrical and electronic engineering 11 (3), 339-347, 2016
Clustering-based natural image denoising using dictionary learning approach in wavelet domain
A Khmag, AR Ramli, N Kamarudin
Soft computing 23 (17), 8013-8027, 2019
Recognition system for leaf images based on its leaf contour and centroid
A Khmag, SAR Al-Haddad, N Kamarudin
2017 IEEE 15th Student Conference on Research and Development (SCOReD), 467-472, 2017
Single image dehazing using second-generation wavelet transforms and the mean vector L2-norm
A Khmag, SAR Al-Haddad, AR Ramli, B Kalantar
The visual computer 34, 675-688, 2018
Denoising of natural images through robust wavelet thresholding and genetic programming
A Khmag, AR Ramli, SAR Al-Haddad, S Yusoff, NH Kamarudin
The Visual Computer 33, 1141-1154, 2017
Additive Gaussian noise removal based on generative adversarial network model and semi-soft thresholding approach
A Khmag
Multimedia Tools and Applications 82 (5), 7757-7777, 2023
Design of natural image denoising filter based on second-generation wavelet transformation and principle component analysis
A Khmag, AR Ramli, SAR Al-Haddad, SJ Hashim, ZM Noh, AAM Najih
Journal of medical imaging and health informatics 5 (6), 1261-1266, 2015
Additive and multiplicative noise removal based on adaptive wavelet transformation using cycle spinning
A Khmag, SAR Al-Haddad, SJB Hashim
American Journal of Applied Sciences 11 (2), 316, 2014
Digital image noise removal based on collaborative filtering approach and singular value decomposition
A Khmag
Multimedia Tools and Applications 81 (12), 16645-16660, 2022
Review of Image Denoising Algorithms Based on the Wavelet Transformation
A Khmag
International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering …, 2013
Noise level estimation for digital images using local statistics and its applications to noise removal
A Khmag, S Ghoul, SAR Al-Haddad, N Kamarudin
TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) 16 (2), 915-924, 2018
A detailed study of image denoising algorithms using discrete wavelet transformation
A Khmag, SAR Abd Rahman Ramli, SJH Al-Haddad
IJCST 5, 2014
Implementation and evaluation of new cryptography algorithm for e-mail applications
AI Khamg, AR Ramli
International journal of the computer, the internet and management, 34-43, 2009
Hand detection and segmentation using smart path tracking fingers as features and expert system classifier
KN Yasen, FL Malallah, LF Abdulrazak, AM Darwesh, A Khmag, TS Baraa
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) 9 (6 …, 2019
Natural image deblurring using recursive deep convolutional neural network (R-DbCNN) and second-generation wavelets
A Khmag, N Kamarudin
2019 IEEE International Conference on signal and image processing …, 2019
Optimal configuration of a downward-facing monocular camera for visual odometry
MOA Aqel, MH Marhaban, MI Saripan, NB Ismail, A Khmag
Indian Journal of Science and Technology 8 (32), 2016
A new lossless method of Huffman coding for text data compression and decompression process with FPGA implementation
M Hameed, A Khmag, F Zaman, AR Ramli
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 100 (3), 402-407, 2016
VlSI Implementation of Huffman Design Using FPGA With A Comprehensive Analysis of Power Restrictions
ARR Maan Hameed Mohammed, Asem Khmag, Fakhrul Zaman Rokhani
International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software …, 2015
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