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Arvind Singh
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Experimental evidence for statistical scaling and intermittency in sediment transport rates
A Singh, K Fienberg, DJ Jerolmack, J Marr, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 114 (F1), 2009
A theoretical framework for interpreting and quantifying the sampling time dependence of gravel bedload transport rates
K Fienberg, A Singh, E Foufoula-Georgiou, D Jerolmack, JDG Marr
University of Minnesota. Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, 2009
On the statistics of wind turbine wake meandering: An experimental investigation
KB Howard, A Singh, F Sotiropoulos, M Guala
Physics of Fluids 27 (7), 2015
Multiscale statistical characterization of migrating bed forms in gravel and sand bed rivers
A Singh, S Lanzoni, PR Wilcock, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
Water Resources Research 47 (12), 2011
Critical nodes in river networks
S Sarker, A Veremyev, V Boginski, A Singh
Scientific reports 9 (1), 11178, 2019
On the influence of gravel bed dynamics on velocity power spectra
A Singh, F Porté‐Agel, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
Water resources research 46 (4), 2010
Subordinated Brownian motion model for sediment transport
V Ganti, A Singh, P Passalacqua, E Foufoula-Georgiou
Physical Review E 80 (1), 011111, 2009
Landscape reorganization under changing climatic forcing: Results from an experimental landscape
A Singh, L Reinhardt, E Foufoula‐Georgiou
Water Resources Research 51 (6), 4320-4337, 2015
Effects of freestream turbulence in a model wind turbine wake
Y Jin, H Liu, R Aggarwal, A Singh, LP Chamorro
Energies 9 (10), 830, 2016
Coupled dynamics of the co‐evolution of gravel bed topography, flow turbulence and sediment transport in an experimental channel
A Singh, E Foufoula‐Georgiou, F Porté‐Agel, PR Wilcock
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 117 (F4), 2012
On the homogenization of turbulent flow structures in the wake of a model wind turbine
A Singh, KB Howard, M Guala
Physics of Fluids 26 (2), 2014
Spectral description of migrating bed forms and sediment transport
M Guala, A Singh, N BadHeartBull, E Foufoula‒Georgiou
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 119 (2), 123-137, 2014
Effect of extended geometry filled with and without phase change material on the thermal performance of solar air heater
AK Singh, N Agarwal, A Saxena
Journal of Energy Storage 39, 102627, 2021
Exploring a semimechanistic episodic Langevin model for bed load transport: Emergence of normal and anomalous advection and diffusion regimes
N Fan, A Singh, M Guala, E Foufoula‐Georgiou, B Wu
Water Resources Research 52 (4), 2789-2801, 2016
Hydrologic controls on junction angle of river networks
M Hooshyar, A Singh, D Wang
Water Resources Research 53 (5), 4073-4083, 2017
Quantifying climatic controls on river network branching structure across scales
S Ranjbar, M Hooshyar, A Singh, D Wang
Water Resources Research 54 (10), 7347-7360, 2018
Optical cloud pixel recovery via machine learning
S Tahsin, SC Medeiros, M Hooshyar, A Singh
Remote Sensing 9 (6), 527, 2017
Reorganization of river networks under changing spatiotemporal precipitation patterns: An optimal channel network approach
A Abed‐Elmdoust, MA Miri, A Singh
Water Resources Research 52 (11), 8845-8860, 2016
Nonlinearity and complexity in gravel bed dynamics
A Singh, S Lanzoni, E Foufoula-Georgiou
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 23, 967-975, 2009
Neural network–genetic programming for sediment transport
AK Singh, MC Deo, V Sanil Kumar
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Maritime Engineering 160 …, 2007
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